Ecosystem Ecology book cover

Ecosystem Ecology

Jorgensen's Ecosystem Ecology provides a thorough and comprehensive overview of the world’s aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. This derivative volume based on the best-selling Encyclopedia of Ecology (published 2008) is the only book currently published that provides an overview of the world’s ecosystems in a concise format.

Ecologists, environmental scientists, and natural resource managers 

Hardbound, 521 Pages

Published: July 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-444-53466-8


  • Preface

    Part I:  Ecosystems as Systems

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Ecosystem Ecology
    Chapter 3: Ecological Systems Thinking
    Chapter 4: Ecosystems
    Chapter 5: Ecosystem Services
    Chapter 6: Fundamental Laws in Ecology

    Part II: Ecosystem Properties

    Chapter 7:  Autocatalysis
    Chapter 8:  Body Size Patterns
    Chapter 9:  Cycling and Cycling Indices
    Chapter 10: Ecological Network Analysis, Ascendency
    Chapter 11: Ecological Network Analysis, Energy Analysis
    Chapter 12: Ecological Network Analysis, Environmental Analysis
    Chapter 13: Inderect Effects in Ecology
    Chapter 14: Emergent Properties
    Chapter 15: Self-organization
    Chapter 16: Ecological Complexity
    Chapter 17: Hierarchy Theory in Ecology
    Chapter 18: Goal Functions and Orientors
    Chapter 19: Energy
    chapter 20: Overview of Ecosystem Types

    Part III: Freshwater & Marine Ecosystems

    Chapter 21: Coral Reefs
    Chapter 22: Estuaries
    Chapter 23: Freshwater Lakes
    Chapter 24: Freshwater Marshes
    Chapter 25: Lagoons
    Chapter 26: Mangrove Wetlands
    Chapter 27: Mediterranean
    Chapter 28: Peatlands
    Chapter 29: Riparian Wetlands
    Chapter 30: Rivers and Streams I
    Chapter 31: Rivers and Streams II
    Chapter 32: Rocky Intertidal Zone
    Chapter 33: Saline and Soda Lakes
    Chapter 34: Salt Marshes
    Chapter 35: Swamps
    Chapter 36: Temporary Water
    Chapter 37: Upwelling Ecosystems

    Part IV:  Terrestrial Ecosystems

    Chapter 38: Agriculture Systems
    Chapter 39: Alpine Ecosystems and the High-Elevation Treeline
    Chapter 40: Alpine Forest
    Chapter 41: Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems
    Chapter 42: Boreal Forest
    Chapter 43: Botanical Gardens
    Chapter 44: Caves
    Chapter 45: Chaparral  
    Chapter 46: Deserts
    Chapter 47: Dunes
    Chapter 48: Floodplains
    Chapter 49: Forest Plantations
    Chapter 50: Greenhouses, Microcosms and Mesocosms
    Chapter 51: Landfills
    Chapter 52: Polar Terrestrial Ecology
    Chapter 53: Savanna
    Chapter 54: Steppes and Praries
    Chapter 55: Temperate Forest
    Chapter 56: Tropical Rainforest
    Chapter 57: Tropical Seasonal Forest
    Chapter 58: Tundra
    Chapter 59: Urban Systems
    Chapter 60: Wind Shelterbelts



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