E-book Publishing Success book cover

E-book Publishing Success

How Anyone Can Write, Compile and Sell E-Books on the Internet

This book contains detailed and easy-to-digest information on all aspects of writing, preparing and marketing electronic books (ebooks). It covers such aspects as: How to develop ideas to write about; How to start the compilation of the ebook; How to choose the correct ebook compiling software; How to publish the ebook; How to promote and market the ebook online and offline; How to create a website and auto responders for selling the ebook; How to collect payment from the website for selling the ebook· How to set up affiliate programmes for selling the ebook.

Information professionals, IT professionals and academics; individuals interested in publishing their own e-book.

Paperback, 180 Pages

Published: May 2005

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-099-7


  • Part 1 Writing and compiling your e-book: What are e-books?; Choosing a subject; Research the market before you start writing; Writing your e-book; Preparing an attractive graphic cover for the e-book; Compiling your writing into an e-book; E-book compilers; Copyright protection for your e-book. Part 2 Publishing and marketing your e-book to millions of people: Uploading your e-book to the Internet; Designing a website for your e-book; Selling your e-book; Free ways of promoting and marketing your e-book; Using free articles to promote your e-book online; Promote and market your e-book with a free demo version and e-zine; Using affiliate programmes and pay-per-click to sell your e-book; Use auto responders to promote your e-book; Offline ways of promoting and marketing your e-book; Day-to-day marketing and promotional plan for your e-book.


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