Structure, Biology and Disease

Edited by

  • Stephen King, University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center,Michale E. Keeling Center for Comparative Medicine and Research, Bastrop, Texas, U.S.A.

Research on dyneins has a direct impact on human diseases, such as viruses and cancer. With an accompanying website showing over 100 streaming videos of cell dynamic behavior for best comprehension of material, Dynein: Structure, Biology and Disease is the only reference covering the structure, biology and application of dynein research to human disease. From bench to bedside, Dynein: Structure, Biology and Disease offers research on fundamental cellular processes to researchers and clinicians across developmental biology, cell biology, molecular biology, biophysics, biomedicine, genetics and medicine.
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Laboratory and clinical researchers across cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, protein chemistry, neurobiology, biophysics, biomedicine and medicine.


Book information

  • Published: August 2011
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-382004-4

Table of Contents

I History and Evolution

Chapter 1 Discovery of Dynein and its Properties : A Personal Account

Chapter 2 Evolutionary Biology of Dyneins

II Structure and Mechanics of Dynein Motors

Chapter 3 The AAA+ Powerhouse-Trying to Understand How it Works

Chapter 4 Dynein Motor Mechanisms

Chapter 5 Structural Analysis of Dynein Intermediate and Light Chains

Chapter 6 Biophysics of Dynein In Vivo

III Dyneins in Ciliary Biology

Chapter 7 Composition and Assembly of Axonemal Dyneins

Chapter 8 Organization of Dyneins in the Axoneme

Chapter 9 Genetic Approaches to Axonemal Dynein Function in Chlamydomonas and Other Organisms

Chapter 10 Regulation of Axonemal Outer-Arm Dyneins in Cilia

Chapter 11 Control of Axonemal Inner Dynein Arms

Chapter 12 Flagellar Motility and the Dynein Regulatory Complex

Chapter 13 Regulation of Dynein in Ciliary and Flagellar Movement

Chapter 14 Dynein and Intraflagella Transport

IV Cytoplasmic Dynein Biology

Chapter 15 Cytoplasmic Dynein Function Define by Subunit Composition

Chapter 16 Studies of Lissencephaly and Neurodegenerative Disease Reveal Novel Aspects of

Chapter 17 Insights into Cytoplasmic Dynein Function and Regulation from Fungal Genetics

Chapter 18 Genetic Insights in to Mammalian Cytoplasmic Dynein Function Provided by Novel Mutations in Mouse

Chapter 19 Role of Dynactin in Dynein-mediated Motility

Chapter 20 Roles of Cytoplasmic Dynein during Mitosis

V Dynein Dysfunction and Disease

Chapter 21 Does Dynein Influence the Non -Mendelian Inheritance of Chromosome 17 Homologs in Male Mice?

Chapter 22 Role of Dynein in Viral Pathogenesis

Chapter 23 Cytoplasmic Dynein Dysfunction and Neurodegenerative Disease

Chapter 24 Dynein Dysfunction as a Cause of Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia and Other Ciliopathies