Dynamics of Curved Fronts book cover

Dynamics of Curved Fronts

Hardbound, 514 Pages

Published: November 1988

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-550355-6


  • "The exciting developments over the last few years in this area have been of interest to physicists, mathematicians, and engineers. Yet until this book was published, exciting references have been widely dispersed through the literatures of several different disciplines. I believe this volume should be a very useful reference to anybody interested in interfacial dynamics."


  • Introduction. The Saffman-Taylor Finger. Stationary Shapes of a Needle Crystal Growing from a Supercooled Liquid. Stationary Shapes of a Curved Flame Propagating in a Channel. Stability of Curved Fronts. Conclusion. References. Collected Papers. Planar Front Propagation. Dragging of a Liquid by a Moving Plate. Saffman-Taylor Finger. Dendrites. Directional Solidification. Raising Bubbles. Premixed Flames.


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