Dynamics of Bone and Cartilage Metabolism

Principles and Clinical Applications

Edited by

  • Markus Seibel, Concord Hospital, University of Sydney, Australia Director, Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Concord Hospital Medical Center; Professor and Chair of Endocrinology, The University of Sydney and Head
  • Simon Robins, Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen, U.K.
  • John Bilezikian, Columbia University, New York, New York, U.S.A.

This updated edition is a comprehensive treatise that spans the complete range of basic biochemistry of bone and cartilage components to the clinical evaluation of disease markers in bone and joint disorders. With contributions from over 75 international experts, this latest edition is indispensable reading for those involved in skeletal research as well as for rheumatologists, endocrinologists, clinical biochemists, and other clinical disciplines participating in the management of patients with bone and cartilage diseases.
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Endocrinologists, bone biologists, rheumatologists, clinical biochemists, and other clinical disciplines participating in the management of the patient with bone and cartilage diseases


Book information

  • Published: July 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-088562-6


se for the First Edition: "..The approach taken in this book--to consider the structural, functional, metabolic, and pathologic aspects of bone and cartilage in parallel--is a welcome departure and provides the reader with an unusual and interesting range of topics...Scientists and physicians who wish to cross the devide between bone and cartilage will find this book of considerable interest and value..."
Juliet E. Compston, University of Cambridge, UK in THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE

Table of Contents

Table of contents (in progress)PART IComponents of the Organic Extracellular Matrix of Bone and CartilageCHAPTER 1 Structure, Biosynthesis and Gene Regulation of Collagens in Cartilage and BoneKLAUS VON DER MARKCHAPTER 2Fibrillogenesis and Maturation of CollagensSIMON P ROBINSCHAPTER 3 Vitamin K Dependent Proteins of Bone and CartilageCAREN M GUNDBERG and SATORU K NISHIMOTOCHAPTER 4Non-collagenous Proteins; Glycoproteins and Related ProteinsDICK HEINEG√ɬÖRD, PILAR LORENZO and TORE SAXNECHAPTER 5Proteoglycans and GlycosaminoglycansTIM E HARDINGHAM CHAPTER 6Growth FactorsPHILIPPA A HULLEY, PETER I CROUCHER and GRAHAM G RUSSELLCHAPTER 7Prostaglandins and Proinflammatory Cytokines LAWRENCE G RAISZ and JOSEPH A LORENZO CHAPTER 8Integrins and Other Adhesion MoleculesMIEP H HELFRICH and MICHAEL A HORTON CHAPTER 9Alkaline PhosphatasesJOS√É¬Č LUIS MILL√ɬĀN Chapter 10Acid PhosphatasesHELENA KAIJA, LILA OT PATRIKAINEN, SARI L ALATALO, H KALERVO VAANANEN and PIRKKO T VIHKO CHAPTER 11Matrix ProteinasesIAN M CLARK and GILLIAN MURPHY PART IIStructure and Metabolism of the Extracellular Matrix of Bone and CartilageCHAPTER 12Mineralization, Structure and Function of BoneADELE L BOSKEYCHAPTER 13 Bone Structure and StrengthEGO SEEMANCHAPTER 14The Cells of BoneJANE B LIAN and GARY S STEIN CHAPTER 15Signalling in boneT JOHN MARTIN and NATALIE A SIMSCHAPTER 16Parathyroid Hormone: Structure, Function and Dynamic ActionsLORRAINE A FITZPATRICK and JOHN P BILEZIKIANCHAPTER 17 Interaction of Parathyroid Hormone-Related Peptide with the SkeletonDAVID GOLTZMAN CHAPTER 18 The Vitamin D Hormone and Its Nuclear Receptor: Mechanisms Involved in Bone BiologyGEERT CARMELIET, ANNEMIEKE VERSTUYF, CHRISTA MAES, GUY EELEN and ROGER BOUILLON CHAPTER 19 Sex Steroid Effects on Bone MetabolismDAVID G MONROE, THOMAS C SPELSBERG and SUNDEEP KHOSLA CHAPTER 20 Physiology of Calcium and Phosphate HomeostasisREN√É¬Č RIZZOLI and JEAN-PHILIPPE BONJOUR CHAPTER 21The Central Control of Bone RemodellingPAUL A BALDOCK, SUSAN J ALLISON, HERBERT HERZOG and EDITH M GARDINERCHAPTER 22 New Concepts in Bone RemodelingDAVID W DEMPSTER and HUA ZHOU CHAPTER 23Products of Bone Collagen MetabolismJUHA RISTELI and LEILA RISTELICHAPTER 24 Supramolecular Structure of Cartilage MatrixPETER BRUCKNER CHAPTER 25Products of Cartilage MetabolismDANIEL-HENRI MANICOURT, JEAN-PIERRE DEVOGELAER and EUG√ɬąNE J-M A THONARCHAPTER 26Fluid Dynamics of the Joint Space and Trafficking of Matrix ProductsPETER A SIMKINCHAPTER 27Transgenic Models of Bone DiseaseBARBARA E KREAM and JOHN R HARRISONPART IIIMarkers of Bone and Cartilage MetabolismQuantification: Technical AspectsCHAPTER 28 The Role of Genetic Variation in OsteoporosisANDR√É¬Č G UITTERLINDEN, Joyce B J van Meurs, Fernando Rivadeneira, JOHANNES P T M VAN LEEUWEN and HUIBERT A P POLS CHAPTER 29Measurement of Calcium, Phosphate and MagnesiumHEINRICH SCHMIDT-GAYKChapter 30 Measurement of Parathyroid Hormone HARALD J√ɬúPPNER and GHADA EL-HAJJ FULEIHANChapter 31 New Horizons for Assessment of Vitamin D Status in ManGARY L LENSMEYER, NEIL BINKLEY and MARC K. DREZNERCHAPTER 32 Measurement of Biochemical Markers of Bone FormationKIM E NAYLOR and RICHARD EASTELL CHAPTER 33 Measurement of Biochemical Markers of Bone ResorptionMARIUS E KRAENZLIN and MARKUS J SEIBEL CHAPTER 34Variability in the measurement of biochemical markers of bone turnoverTUAN V. NGUYEN, CHRISTIAN MEIER AND MARKUS J. SEIBEL CHAPTER 35 Validation of Biochemical Markers of Bone TurnoverKIM BRIXEN and ERIK F ERIKSEN CHAPTER 36 Genetic Markers of Joint DiseaseMICHEL NEIDHART, RENATE E GAY and STEFFEN GAY CHAPTER 37 Body Fluid Markers of Cartilage MetabolismEUG√ɬąNE J-M A THONAR, MARY ELLEN LENZ, KOICHI MASUDA and DANIEL-HENRI MANICOURT Clinical ApplicationsCHAPTER 38Laboratory Assessment of Postmenopausal OsteoporosisPATRICK GARNERO and PIERRE D DELMAS CHAPTER 39Monitoring of Anabolic TreatmentJOHN P BILEZIKIAN and MISHAELA R RUBINCHAPTER 40Monitoring of anti-resorptive treatmentCHRISTIAN MEIER, TUAN NGYEN and MARKUS J SEIBEL, Sydney, AustraliaCHAPTER 41 Age-Related Osteoporosis and Skeletal Markers of Bone TurnoverCLIFFORD J ROSEN CHAPTER 42 Osteoporosis in Men ERIC S. ORWOLL and JEAN-MARC KAUFMANCHAPTER 43Steroid-Induced OsteoporosisIAN R REID CHAPTER 44 Transplantation Osteoporosis: Biochemical Correlates of Pathogenesis and TreatmentCAROLINA A MOREIRA KULAK and ELIZABETH SHANE CHAPTER 45 Secondary OsteoporosisJEAN E MULDER, CAROLINA A MOREIRA KULAK and ELIZABETH SHANE CHAPTER 46 Osteomalacia and RicketsMARC K DREZNERCHAPTER 47Assessment of Bone and Joint Diseases: Renal OsteodystrophyESTHER A GONZ√ɬĀLEZ, ZIYAD AL ALY and KEVIN J MARTINCHAPTER 48 Primary Hyperparathyroidism SHONNI J SILVERBERG and JOHN P BILEZIKIAN CHAPTER 49 Paget√ʬĬôs Disease of BoneANDREAS GRAUER, ETHEL SIRIS and STUART RALSTON CHAPTER 50 Metastatic Bone DiseaseJEAN-JACQUES BODY CHAPTER 51 Rare Bone DiseasesMICHAEL P WHYTECHAPTER 52Osteogenesis ImperfectaFRANCIS H. GLORIEUX and FRANK RAUCHCHAPTER 53Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Inflammatory Joint PathologiesSTEVEN R GOLDRING and MARY B GOLDRINGCHAPTER 54 Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Spine PathologiesKRISTINA √ɬÖKESSON