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DSP Integrated Circuits

DSP Integrated Circuits establishes the essential interface between theory of digital signal processing algorithms and their implementation in full-custom CMOS technology. With an emphasis on techniques for co-design of DSP algorithms and hardware in order to achieve high performance in terms of throughput, low power consumption, and design effort, this book provides the professional engineer, researcher, and student with a firm foundation in the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of designing high performance DSP integrated circuits. Centered around three design case studies, DSP Integrated Circuits thoroughly details a high-performance FFT processor, a 2-D Discrete Cosine Transform for HDTV, and a wave digital filter for interpolation of the sampling frequency. The case studies cover the essential parts of the design process in a top-down manner, from specification of algorithm design and optimization, scheduling of operations, synthesis of optimal architectures, realization of processing elements, to the floor-planning of the integrated circuit.

Audience: Electrical, electronic and computer engineers and students interested in the design and implementation of DSP Integrated Circuits. This book is also appropriate for a variety of undergraduate or graduate level course in ASIC's, VLSI Circuits, and digital signal processing.

Hardbound, 561 Pages

Published: February 1999

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-734530-7


  • Globally there hardly exist more than a dozen book references on the subject of DSP hardware design. Among these, the two titles above (DSP Integrated Circuits, Academic Press & VLSI Digital Signal Processing Systems, John Wiley) are incontestable leaders, both in depth in breadth. - Analog Dialogue


  • DSP Integrated Circuits. VLSI Circuit Technologies. Digital Signal Processing. Digital Filters. Finite Word Length Effects. DSP Algorithms. DSP System Design. Architectures for DSP. Synthesis of DSP Architectures. Digital Systems. Processing Elements. Integrated Circuit Design. Subject Index.


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