DSP for Embedded and Real-Time Systems


  • Robert Oshana, Director of Engineering, Freescale, TX, USA

This Expert Guide gives you the techniques and technologies in digital signal processing (DSP) to optimally design and implement your embedded system. Written by experts with a solutions focus, this encyclopedic reference gives you an indispensable aid to tackling the day-to-day problems you face in using DSP to develop embedded systems.

With this book you will learn:

  • A range of development techniques for developing DSP code
  • Valuable tips and tricks for optimizing DSP software for maximum performance
  • The various options available for constructing DSP systems from numerous software components
  • The tools available for developing DSP applications
  • Numerous practical guidelines from experts with wide and lengthy experience of DSP application development


  • Several areas of research being done in advanced DSP technology
  • Industry case studies on DSP systems development
  • DSP software development tools available for download and evaluation

DSP for Embedded and Real-Time Systems is the reference for both the beginner and experienced, covering most aspects of using today’s DSP techniques and technologies for designing and implementing an optimal embedded system.

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Embedded Systems Engineers, Embedded Developers, Graduate Students


Book information

  • Published: July 2012
  • Imprint: NEWNES
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-386535-9

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing 
2 Overview of Embedded and Real Time Systems
3 Overview of Embedded Systems Lifecycle Development Using DSP
4 Programmable DSP Architectures
5 DSP Hardware components and FPGA
6 The Hardware/Software Continuum for DSP
7 Overview of Digital Signal Processing Algorithms
8 High-Level Design Tools for Complex DSP Applications
9 Benchmarking and Profiling DSP Systems
10 Optimizing DSP Software - High Level Languages and Programming Models
11 Optimizing DSP Software - Code Optimization
12 Optimizing DSP Software - Memory Optimization
13 Optimizing DSP Software - Power Optimization
14 Real-Time Operating Systems Using DSP
15 Managing the DSP Software Development Effort
16 Multicore Software Development for DSP applications
17 Developing and Debugging DSP Systems
18 DSP Algorithm Development, Rules and Guidelines
Case Studies
1 Bringing it all together;  A  Case Study on a LTE Basestation Software Architecture for a Multicore DSP 
2 DSP for medical applications
3 Voiceover IP DSP Software System
4 Software Performance Engineering of an Embedded System DSP Application
5 Specifying Behavior of Embedded DSP Systems
6 DSP in Software Defined Radio