Drugs in Society book cover

Drugs in Society

Causes, Concepts and Control

<P>This work focuses on the many critical areas of America’s drug problem, providing a foundation for rational decision making within this complex and multidisciplinary field. Broken into three sections: Understanding the Problem, Gangs and Drugs, and Fighting Back, topics covered include the business of drugs and the role of organized crime in the drug trade, drug legalization and decriminalization, legal and law enforcement strategies, an analysis of the socialization process of drug use and abuse, and a historical discussion of drug abuse that puts the contemporary drug problem into perspective.</P>


Students in the criminal justice field

Paperback, 552 Pages

Published: October 2010

Imprint: Anderson Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4377-4450-7


  • Part I: Understanding the Problem

    1. The Nature of the Drug Problem

    2. The History of Drug Abuse

    3. Understanding Drugs of Abuse

    4. The Illicit Drug Trade

    5. Domestic Drug Production

    6. Drugs and Crime

    Part II: Gangs and Drugs

    7. Organized Crime and the Drug Trade

    8. Domestic Drug-Trafficking Organizations

    9. Foreign Drug-Trafficking Organizations

    Part III: Fighting Back

    10. The Drug Control Initiative

    11. Critical Issues in Drug Control

    12. The Issue of Legalizing Drugs

    13. Understanding Drug Control Policy

    14. Control through Treatment and Prevention


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