Drug-Device Combination Products book cover

Drug-Device Combination Products

Delivery Technologies and Applications

Drug delivery systems represent a vast area of research and development within biomaterials and medicine and the demand for sophisticated drug delivery devices continues to drive novel product development. Advanced drug delivery devices can offer significant advantages over conventional drugs and devices alone, such as increased efficiency, improved performance and convenience. The purpose of this book is to illustrate how effective drug delivery can be achieved by means other than tablets. The book will provide a thorough analysis of the fundamentals, applications and new technologies of drug-device combination products for use throughout the human body.

Part one provides readers with an introduction and background to the field. Chapters in Part two discuss areas of application such as catheter based products, drug eluting stents and beads and anti-biotic loaded cements. Part three covers the development of drug device combination products with chapters on such topics as pre-clinical testing, sterilisation, patent issues and regulation of drug device combination products.

With its distinguished editor and team of international contributors, Drug-device combination products: delivery technologies and applications is an invaluable reference for product development specialists, materials scientists and engineers in the biomedical industry and academia as well as those concerned with drug delivery.

Hardbound, 560 Pages

Published: December 2009

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-470-8


  • Part 1 Overview: Drug-device combination products; Enabling drug delivery from combination products; Nanomedical drug-device combination products. Part 2 Areas of application: Catheter-based drug-device combination products: An overview; Catheter-based drug-device combination products: The anti-infective 5-fluorouracil-coated central venous catheter; Future outlook for drug eluting stents (DES); Drug eluting beads (DEB) in the treatment of liver cancer; Antibiotic-loaded bone cements; Glass-ionomer cements as drug-device combination products; Bone graft substitutes as drug-device combination products; Antibacterial releasing dental restorative materials; Collagen-based dressings as therapeutic agents for wound healing; Drug-device combination products for occular applications. Part 3 Development of drug-device combination products: Safety and efficacy issues in designing drug-device combination products: The case of drug eluting stents (DES); Preclinical testing of drug-device combination products; Sterilisation of drug-device combination products; Innovation and patent issues in the development of drug-device combination products: The case of drug eluting stents (DES); Regulation of drug-device combination products in Europe; (28a) Regulation of drug-device combination products in the USA.


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