Droplet Wetting and Evaporation

From Pure to Complex Fluids

Edited by

  • David Brutin, Mechanical Engineering department, Aix-Marseille University, France

Droplet Wetting and Evaporation provides engineers, students, and researchers with the first comprehensive guide to the theory and applications of droplet wetting and evaporation.

Beginning with a relevant theoretical background, the book moves on to consider specific aspects, including heat transfer, flow instabilities, and the drying of complex fluid droplets.

Each chapter covers the principles of the subject, addressing corresponding practical issues and problems.

The text is ideal for a broad range of domains, from aerospace and materials, to biomedical applications, comprehensively relaying the challenges and approaches from the different communities leading the way in droplet research and development.

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Engineers, researchers and graduate students of mechanical, chemical and biomedical engineering working on droplet problems and applications.


Book information

  • Published: May 2015
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-800722-8

Table of Contents

Section 1: Wetting and spreading
1. Liquid Spreading
2. Contact angle
3. Triple line motion
4. Precursor films
5. Superamphiphobic surfaces
6. Superspreading
7. Ledeinfrost drops
Section 2: Heat and mass transfer
8. Pure diffusion
9. Convection
10. Liquid and vapour properties
11. Solid substrate heat properties
12. Soft substrates
13. Soluble substrates
14. Droplets on liquid interfaces
15.Radiative heat Transfer in Droplets
Section 3: Flow instabilities
16. Flow Stability
17. Thermal Origins
18. Hyrdrothermal waves
Section 4: Complex Fluids Drying
19. Droplets of colloids
20. Droplets of ionic solutions
21. Droplets with surfactants
22. Droplets of polymers
23. Droplets of biological fluids
24. Complex Fluids Droplets in Leidenfrost
Section 5: External Forces Influence
25. Gravity
26. Oscillating/Vibrating surfaces
27. Electric forces