Drives and Seals book cover

Drives and Seals

`Drives and Seals' is carefully designed to make the practical information that it contains easy to find and use. In a complete update involving fifteen international experts, this concise volume presents the latest information on drives and seals in the same clear format. - Drives and Controls, March 1994

Designers and engineers in industry, tribologists in government, consultancy and academia

Paperback, 152 Pages

Published: December 1993

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-0981-4


  • 'Any engineer who does not have access to The Tribology Handbook and deals with the components considered would benefit from having a copy near at hand. The new edition is a useful revision of an already excellent source book.' - Journal of Engineering and Tribology, October 1995


  • CONTENTS INCLUDE: Rotary Drives: Belt drives; Roller chain drives; Gears; Flexible couplings; Self synchronising clutches; One way clutches; Friction clutches; Brakes; Linear Drives: Screws; Cams and followers; Wheels rails and tyres; Capstans and drums; Wire ropes; Control cables; Damping devices; Pistons; Piston rings; Cylinders and liners; Seals: Selection of seals; Sealing against dirt and dust; Oil flinger rings and drain grooves; Labyrinths, brush seals and throttling bushes; Lip seals; Mechanical seals; Packed glands; Mechanical pistons and packings; Soft piston seals.


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