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A Handbook for Engineers

For this second edition of the highly successful 'Dredging: A Handbook for Engineers', Nick Bray and his co-authors have fully updated and expanded the book which covers all aspects of modern dredging including operating methods, outputs, costs, contracts and the impact on the environment. Planning and implementing dredging projects, including pre-contract works, is also well covered. The book is generously illustrated with line drawings, photographs and tables, and a useful bibliography appears at the end of each chapter. This definitive handbook will prove invaluable to engineers and managers alike, both as an initial introduction to this specialised topic and as a reference for years to come.

Consulting engineers, port authorities, engineers and harbour masters, dredging contractors, water authorities, maritime authorities. Also civil and marine engineering departments.

Hardbound, 448 Pages

Published: November 1996

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-340-54524-9


  • A highly instructive account and progresses from the basic principles involved, to the more complex aspects of modern dredging. - Dock and Harbour Authority A useful book for port engineers, consultants and contractors in all countries. - Journal of the Institute of Marine Engineers A readable and useful guide on dredging for engineers and students...the book is recommended for institutional, corporate and government libraries as a reference or introduction to dredging... A useful book for port engineers, consultants and contractors in all countries. - Journal of the Institute of Marine Engineers A first-class source of reference. - Maritime Journal There are few books on dredging practice and I suspect none better than this...its value to harbour engineers and to all those whose work touches on dredging is clear. - Hydrographic Journal This excellent new second edition is the definitive handbook for both engineers and managers. - Dredging and Port Construction The book's organisation and presentation is a treat ... It is indeed a dredging "bible" ... the most comprehensive primer on the subject of dredging. - Terra et Aqua Addressing all aspects of dredging technology this book is written by experts in the field. - The Dock and Harbour Authority Very well laid out..arguments are clear and the conclusions first rate...this is the best. - Underwater Technology


  • Dredging Works and Their Control - Introduction * Public relations and safety * Duties and responsibilities of the resident engineer * Contractor's viewpoint * Control instrumentation * Dredging and the Environment - Introduction * The potential effects of dredging activities * Environmental investigations * Dredging plant and sediment resuspension * Pretreatment of Rock - Introduction * Mechanical methods * Drilling and blasting * Surface blasting * Blasting coral * Contract documents of blasting work * Environmental factors * Safety and legislation * Dredging pre-treated rock * Index.


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