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Drawing & Understanding Fossils

A Theoretical and Practical Guide for Beginners with Self-assessment

A practical manual for the student of palaeontology, giving a grounding in theory, in addition to teaching graphical skills needed to make clear, representative and pleasing drawings of fossil specimens. As most early practical work in palaeontology is graphical the author has sought to teach the basics of graphic art as relevant to each fossil group. Puzzles, exercises and experiments are included, also self-assessment tests to allow students to check their progress.

For first-year undergraduates and 'A' level geology students.


Published: June 1987

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-033940-5


  • The approach to drawing fossils may encourage even those with few artistic pretensions.
    The School Science Review

    Nield's book is the ideal introduction for both the student and amateur palaeontologist wishing to develop his or her skills in the subject... Quaternary Glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere is a worthwhile addition to one's library. I recommend it highly. It is clearly one of the landmark volumes on glacial geology.
    Drawing and understanding fossils; a theoretical and practical guide for beginners with self assessment.
    Pergamon Press


  • (partial) Vanished worlds: Ancient life. The science of palaeontology. Starting to draw fossils. Trilobites. Graptolites. Brachiopods. Bivalves. Gastropods. Cephalopods. Echinoids. Crinoids. Corals. Plants. Trace fossils. Appendices. Suggested further reading. Index.


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