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Drainage Geochemistry

The considerable exploration success achieved by geochemistry over the last several decades - and still continuing - has provided both the basis and rationale for the Handbook of Exploration Geochemistry series, including Volume 6, Drainage Geochemistry in Mineral Exploration. With contributions from 25 experts of truly global professional experience in drainage geochemistry, this book is a thorough appraisal of the state of the art in the use of surface and sub-surface waters, stream and lake sediments, heavy minerals for mineral exploration in tropical rain forests, temperate glaciated terrains, mountain chains, arid deserts and regions of agricultural and industrial pollution. Additional attention is given to gold and uranium exploration, and to the growing role of drainage geochemistry as a multi-purpose environmental mapping technique with applications in human health studies, ore deposit modelling and pollution monitoring. It comprises 16 chapters, more than 250 figures and a bibliography of some 1600 references.

This book is the most extensive and detailed single work on the principles and applications of drainage geochemistry in mineral exploration blending both theoretical considerations and practical implementations.


Published: December 1994

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-81854-6


  • ...should be on the shelf of everyone working in the fields of exploration geochemistry or environmental geochemistry.
    Journal of Geochemical Exploration


  • Editor's Foreword. Preface. List of Contributors. Part I: Principles Underlying Drainage Geochemistry. 1. Introduction: The Foundations of Modern Drainage Geochemistry (J.A. Plant, M. Hale). 2. Mineral Deposit Models and Primary Rock Geochemical Characteristics (J.A. Plant, J. Tarney). 3. Modifications to the Geochemical Signatures of Ore Deposits and their Associated Rocks in Different Surface Environments (J.A. Plant, R.W. Raiswell). 4. Strategic Choices in Drainage Geochemistry (M. Hale). Part II: Drainage Geochemistry Sample Media. 5. Stream Sediments in Mineral Exploration (R.T. Ottesen, P.K. Theobald). 6. Heavy-Mineral Concentrates in Geochemical Exploration (H. Stendal, P.K. Theobald). 7. Lake Sediment Sampling in Mineral Exploration (E.M. Cameron). 8. Natural Waters as Sample Media in Drainage Geochemistry (A. Giblin). Part III: Drainage Geochemistry for Different Natural Environments. 9. Drainage Geochemistry in Glaciated Terrain (A. Björklund, P. Lehmuspelto, R.T. Ottesen, A. Steenfelt). 10. Drainage Geochemistry in Tropical Rain Forest Terrains (J.D. Appleton, J. Ridgway). 11. Drainage Geochemistry in Arid Regions (R.H. Mazzucchelli). 12. Drainage Geochemistry in Young Folded Mountain Belts (E. Wilhelm, D. Artignan). Part IV: Drainage Geochemistry for Specific Applications. 13. Drainage Geochemistry in Contaminated Terrains (D.C. Cooper, I. Thornton). 14. Drainage Geochemistry in Gold Exploration (I. Nichol, M. Hale, W.K. Fletcher). 15. Drainage Geochemistry in Uranium Exploration (A.W. Rose). 16. Selective Extraction and Contrasting Sample Media in Drainage Geochemistry (J.S. Coats, R.C. Leake, D. Peachey).


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