Dorland's/Gray's Pocket Atlas of Anatomy

This new pocket atlas is your best way to reference anatomy on the go! It combines superb definitions from Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary with phenomenal illustrations from Gray's Anatomy for Students, for an unprecedented level of accuracy and visual clarity. An organization by body region parallels the approach used by most of today's anatomy courses. Terms and descriptions are based on the Terminologia Anatomica, the most widely accepted anatomical nomenclature system. And, a bonus mini-CD in the back of the book lets you load Dorland's spell-checker software onto your computer. The result is an ideal guide to structures and their definitions . . . great for quick consultation in the dissection lab as well as for convenient study anytime, anywhere!

Medical and Health Professional students studying anatomy; academic anatomists; Faculty to recommend to students

Paperback, 608 Pages

Published: May 2008

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-06761-7


  • Chapter 1 General

    Anatomy * General Location * Bones * Joints * Muscles * Nerves * Vessels * Lymphatics * Skin

    Chapter 2 Back

    General * Bones * Ligaments * Muscles * Vessels * Spinal Cord

    Chapter 3 Thorax

    General * Bones * Pectoral Region * Thoracic Wall * Muscles of Thorax * Nerves of Thorax * Vessels of Thorax * Pleural Cavity * Mediastinum

    Chapter 4 Abdomen

    General * Abdominal Wall * Inguinal Region (Groin) * Peritoneum and Peritoneal
    Cavity * Abdominal Viscera * Posterior Abdominal Region * Organs of Posterior Abdominal Region

    Chapter 5 Pelvis and Perineum

    General * Bones * Joints * Ligaments * Pelvis * Perineum

    Chapter 6 Lower Limb

    General * Bones * Joints * Gluteal Region * Thigh * Leg * Foot

    Chapter 7 Upper Limb

    General * Bones * Joints * Pectoral Region * Posterior Scapular Region * Axilla * Lymphatics of Upper Limb * Arm * Forearm * Hand

    Chapter 8 Head and Neck

    Head * Neck



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