Disease Management book cover

Disease Management

A Guide for Case Managers

Written specifically for case managers, this innovative reference presents a practical integration of disease management and case management to ensure comprehensive coverage of these two rapidly evolving and expanding fields. It explains and clarifies these two areas with in-depth expert commentary that offers a fresh, contemporary approach and captures both provider and payor perspectives. Its strong emphasis on evidence-based practice helps ensure that disease managers are using the best evidence to formulate the best results.

Hardbound, 304 Pages

Published: February 2005

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7216-3911-6


  • Part 1: Overview of Disease Management and Case Management

    1. Overview of Disease Management

    2. Disease Management Perspectives in Insurance and Managed Care

    3. Predictive Modeling and Its Application to Disease and Case Management

    4. Case Management: A Contemporary View

    5. Roles and Functions of Case Management

    6. The Diversity of Service Delivery Models

    Part 2: Disease Management

    7. Congestive Heart Failure

    8. Diabetes Mellitus

    9. Asthma

    10. Catastrophic Injury

    11. Long-Term Care and the Frail Elderly

    12. Substance Abuse

    13. Health Management of the Medically Indigent

    14. Care Management of High-Risk Pregnant Women

    Part 3: Disease Management and Case Management Contexts

    15. Social Work and Nursing

    16. Disability Legislation and Rehabilitation

    17. Occupational Health, Workers’ Compensation, and Rehabilitation


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