Digital Storage Oscilloscopes book cover

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

Digital storage oscilloscopes have long since completely supplanted analog storage oscilloscopes and have reached a degree of sophistication and performance which enable them to rival the most advanced real time oscilloscopes. In this comprehensive handbook, which provides a practical vade mecum for the engineer, Ian Hickman describes how they work and how to use them to best advantage.A wide range of models is available. This book includes a guide to all makes and models and will be best kept beside the instrument for instant reference. It will also be a most helpful guide to the subject for students and trainees. Ian Hickman is an experienced designer and author of best-selling titles including 'Oscilloscopes: How to Use Them, How They Work', Newnes Practical Radio Frequency Handbook', 'Analog Electronics' and 'Analog Circuits Cookbook'.

Anyone using oscilloscopes including engineers, enthusiasts and students

Paperback, 160 Pages

Published: January 1997

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-7506-2856-3


  • Review of 'Oscilloscopes: How to Use Them, How They Work' `This handy book is bound to be in great demand.' Radio and Electronics World


  • Introduction, Digital storage oscilloscope fundamentals; Digital storage oscilloscope modes of operation; Input circuitry; Digitising; Triggering; Signal processing; Displays and display technology; Digital sampling oscilloscopes; Accessories for use with digital storage oscilloscopes; Using digital storage oscilloscopes; Glossary; Appendix: Manufacturers of digital storage oscilloscopes and their agents; Index


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