Digital Signal Processing book cover

Digital Signal Processing

Mathematical and Computational Methods, Software Development and Applications

This book forms the first part of a complete MSc course in an area that is fundamental to the continuing revolution in information technology and communication systems. Massively exhaustive, authoritative, comprehensive and reinforced with software, this is an introduction to modern methods in the developing field of Digital Signal Processing (DSP). The focus is on the design of algorithms and the processing of digital signals in areas of communications and control, providing the reader with a comprehensive introduction to the underlying principles and mathematical models.

Graduate students

Paperback, 840 Pages

Published: March 2006

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-904275-26-8


  • Part 1 Signal analysis: Complex analysis; The delta function; The Fourier series; The Fourier transform; Other integral transforms. Part 2 Computational linear algebra: Matrices and matrix algebra; Direct methods of solution; Iterative methods of solution; Eigen values and Eigen vectors. Part 3 Programming and software engineering: Principles of software engineering; Modular programming in C. Part 4 DSP: Methods, algorithms and building a library: Digital filters and the FFT; Frequency domain filtering with noise; Statistics, entropy and extrapolation; Digital filtering in the time domain; Random fractal signals; Solutions; Graphics utility.


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