Digital Microscopy

A second edition of "Video Microscopy"

Edited by

  • Greenfield Sluder, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Shrewsbury, U.S.A.
  • David Wolf, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Shrewsbury, U.S.A.

This updated second edition of the popular methods book "Video Microscopy" shows how to track dynamic changes in the structure or architecture of living cells and in reconstituted preparations using video and digital imaging microscopy. Contains 10 new chapters addressing developments over the last several years. Basic information, principles, applications, and equipment are covered in the first half of the volume and more spcialized video microscopy techniques are covered in the second half.
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Graduate students and researchers in cell and developmental biology, biochemsitry, biophysics, neurobiology, immunology, physiology, and many other areas of life and biomedical sciences.


Book information

  • Published: December 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-564169-2


Praise for the First Edition: "...clearly written introductory text and a useful reference volume for cell biologists." —TRENDS IN CELL BIOLOGY

Table of Contents

Digital Image Formats and Image Handling Digital cameras for microscopy Ratio imaging instrumentation (from 1e) Comparing cooled CCD and intensified cameras (from 1e) Proper alignment of the microscope (from 1e) Mating cameras to microscopes (from 1e) Practical ratio imaging (from 1e) Digital image processing (from 1e) Fluorescence Resonance Energy transfer in microscopyDigital deconvolution of fluorescence images for biologists (from 1e) Quantitative microscopy and digital deconvolutionImaging with GFP constructs High resolution video-enhanced DIC (from 1e) High resolution multimode microscopy (from 1e)Image processing in microscopy (from 1e) Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (from 1e)Electronic cameras for low light microscopy (from 1e) Microscopy BasicsPhysical Basis of Microscope Resolution Basics of Video: Use of Camera and Monitor Adjustments in Digital Cameras Basics of Fluorescence MicroscopyFluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy