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Digital Microscopy

The previous edition of this book marked the shift in technology from video to digital camera use with microscope use in biological science. This new edition presents some of the optical fundamentals needed to provide a quality image to the digital camera. Specifically, it covers the fundamental geometric optics of finite- and infinity-corrected microscopes, develops the concepts of physical optics and Abbe’s theory of image formation, presents the principles of Kohler illumination, and finally reviews the fundamentals of fluorescence and fluorescence microscopy. The second group of chapters deals with digital and video fundamentals: how digital and video cameras work, how to coordinate cameras with microscopes, how to deal with digital data, the fundamentals of image processing, and low light level cameras. The third group of chapters address some specialized areas of microscopy that allow sophisticated measurements of events in living cells that are below the optical limits of resolution.

Cell and molecular biologists and researchers utilizing digitial microscopy techniques.

Included in series
Methods in Cell Biology

Hardbound, 672 Pages

Published: August 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-407761-4


    1. Microscope Basics
      Greenfield Sluder and Joshua J. Nordberg
    2. The Optics of Microscope Image Formation
      David E. Wolf
    3. Proper Alignment of the Microscope
      Rudi Rottenfusser
    4. Fundamentals of Fluorescence and Fluorescence Microscopy
      David E. Wolf
    5. Fluorescent Protein Applications in Microscopy
      Whitney L. Johnson and Aaron F. Straight
    6. Live-Cell Fluorescence Imaging
      Jennifer C. Waters
    7. Practical Aspects of Adjusting Digital Cameras
      Joshua J. Nordberg and Greenfield Sluder
    8. Cameras for Digital Microscopy
      Kenneth R. Spring
    9. A High-Resolution Multimode Digital Microscope System
      E. D. Salmon, Sidney L. Shaw, Jennifer C. Waters, Clare M. Waterman-Storer, Paul S. Maddox, Elaine Yeh, and Kerry Bloom
    10. Electronic Cameras for Low-Light Microscopy
      Ivan Rasnik, Todd French, Ken Jacobson and Keith Berland
    11. Camera Technologies for Low Light Imaging - Overview and Relative Advantages
      Butch Moomaw
    12. Post-Processing for Statistical Image Analysis in Light Microscopy
      Richard A. Cardullo and Edward H. Hinchcliffe
    13. 65,000 Shades of Grey: Use of Digital Image Files in Light Microscopy
      Sidney L. Shaw and Edward H. Hinchcliffe
    14. Quantitative Analysis of Digital Microscope Images
      David E.Wolf, Champika Samarasekera, and Jason R. Swedlow
    15. Evaluating Optical Aberrations Using Fluorescent Microspheres: Methods, Analysis, and Corrective Actions
      Paul C. Goodwin
    16. Ratio Imaging: Practical Considerations for Measuring Intracellular Ca2þ and pH in Living Cells
      Nathan O’Connor and Randi B. Silver
    17. Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy and Image Deconvolution
      Jason R. Swedlow
    18. Practical Aspects of Quantitative Confocal Microscopy
      John M. Murray
    19. Theoretical Principles and Practical Considerations for Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Microscopy
      Richard A. Cardullo
    20. Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy for Quantitative Biological Imaging
      L.-C. Chen, W.R. Lloyd III, C.-W. Chang, D. Sud, and M.-A. Mycek
    21. Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy: Molecular Complexing in Solution and in Living Cells
      Dylan A. Bulseco and David E. Wolf
    22. Breaking the Resolution Limit in Light Microscopy
      Rainer Heintzmann and Gabriella Ficz
    23. Circumventing Photodamage in Live-Cell Microscopy
      Valentin Magidson and Alexey Khodjakov
    24. A User’s Guide to Localization-Based Super-Resolution Fluorescence Imaging
      Graham T. Dempsey
    25. Ratiometric Imaging of FRET-Biosensors for the Rho-Family GTPases
      Désirée Spiering, Jose Javier Bravo-Cordero, Yasmin Moshfegh, Veronika Miskolci and Louis Hodgson
    26. Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for the base interrogation of DNA
      Noah Kolodziejski


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