Digital Dialogues and Community 2.0

After Avatars, Trolls and Puppets

Edited by

  • Tara Brabazon, University of Brighton, UK

Digital Dialogue and Community 2.0: After avatars, trolls and puppets explores the communities that use digital platforms, portals, and applications from daily life to build relationships beyond geographical locality and family links. The book provides detailed analyses of how technology realigns the boundaries between connection, consciousness and community. This book reveals that alongside every engaged, nurturing and supportive group are those who are excluded, marginalised, ridiculed, or forgotten. It explores the argument that community is not an inevitable result of communication. Following an introduction from the Editor, the book is then divided into four sections exploring communities and resistance, structures of sharing, professional communication and fandom and consumption. Digital Dialogues and Community 2.0 combines ethnographic methods and professional expertise to open new spaces for thinking about language, identity, and social connections.
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Teachers at all levels, and students in various disciplines, including (but not limited to), Internet, Media and Communication Studies


Book information

  • Published: April 2012
  • Imprint: Chandos Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84334-695-1


If there is a department teaching or researching social media at your higher education institution you should get this book in your possession., Information Research
…individual chapters may be of interest to media or information studies scholars and students., Online Information Review

Table of Contents

Introduction: New imaginings. Part 1 Communities, exiles and resistance: The inevitable exile: A missing link in online community discourse; Call it hyper activism: Politicising the online Arab public sphere and the quest for authenticity and relevance; What’s in a name? Digital resources and resistance at the global periphery; I have seen the future, and it rings. Part 2 Structures for sharing; Strangers in the swarm; Status (update) anxiety: Social networking, Facebook and community; Becoming Mireila: A virtual ethnography through the eyes of an avatar; Taste is the enemy of creativity: Disability, YouTube and a new language. Part 3 Professions, production, consumptions: The sound of a librarian: The politics and potential of podcasting in difficult times; The invisible (wo)man; The impact of the video-equipped DSLR; Why media literacy is transformative of the Irish education system: A statement in advocacy; YouTube Academy. Part 4 Fandom, consumption and community: Live fast, die young, become immortal; All we hear is Lady-o Gaga: Popular Culture 2.0; Copyright and couture: The Comme il Faut experience; When community becomes a commodity; Conclusion: White men rule?