Dictionary of Energy

Expanded Edition

Edited by

  • Cutler J. Cleveland, Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, Boston University, MA, USA
  • Christopher Morris, Lexicographer, Morris Books, Escondido, CA, USA

Written by the editor of The Encyclopedia of Energy, Cutler Cleveland, this dictionary gives professionals across the multi-disciplinary field of energy a tool to better communicate on energy matters and understand energy issues and opportunities. This paperback edition, priced at less than half the price of the hardcover edition and expanded with over 500 new terms, makes this valuable reference available to an even wider audience beyond energy scientists, including new professionals, students, and corporate oil and gas companies.
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Energy scientists, researchers from economics, engineering, and environmental science, non-energy researchers, policy advisors, new professionals, students, the general public, libraries, non-government organizations, and corporations.


Book information

  • Published: August 2009
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-096491-1


"[T]his useful, compact reference work deals with a timely and diverse topic… The 100 ‘Special Essays’ on key energy terms are a unique feature. Written by ‘eminent scientists’ these essays provide greater detail than is possible in the regular entries…  Although the book deals with some highly technical terms, the writing is sufficiently clear for both academic and public libraries to find this work of value."--CHOICE