Diamond Chemical Vapor Deposition

Nucleation and Early Growth Stages


  • Huimin Liu, University of California, Irvine, USA
  • David S. Dandy, Colorado State University, CO, USA

This book presents an updated, systematic review of the latest developments in diamond CVD processes, with emphasis on the nucleation and early growth of diamond CVD. The objective is to familiarize the reader with the scientific and engineering aspects of diamond CVD, and to provide experiences researchers, scientists, and engineers in academia and industry with the latest developments in this growing field.
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Electronics and materials engineers in the automotive, medical, semiconductors, space, plastics, and military industries.


Book information

  • Published: December 1996
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1380-3

Table of Contents

1. General Introduction2. Atomic and Crystal Structures of Diamond3. Diamond CVD Techniques 1.0 Hot-Filament CVD 2.0 Plasma-Assisted CVD 3.0 Flame CVD 4.0 General Characteristics of Diamond CVD Processes 5.0 Summary4. Diamond Nucleation Mechanisms 1.0 Homogeneous Nucleation-Gas-Phase Nucleation 2.0 Heterogeneous Nucleation-Surface Nucleation 3.0 Summary 5. Diamond Epitaxy, Oriented Growth, and Morphology Evolution 1.0 Epitaxy 2.0 Oriented and Textured Growth 3.0 Morphology Evolution 4.0 Summary6. Effects of Surface Conditions on Diamond Nucleation 1.0 Substrate Materials 2.0 Surface Pretreatment Methods and Nucleation Enhancement Mechanisms 3.0 Summary7. Effects of Deposition Conditions on Diamond Nucleation 1.0 Substrate Temperature 2.0 Gas-Phase Activation 3.0 Gas Pressure and Flow Rate 4.0 Gas Composition 5.0 Oxygen Addition 6.0 Summary8. Theoretical and Modeling Studies on Diamond Nucleation 1.0 Identification of Nucleation and Growth Mode 2.0 Theoretical Studies on Nucleation Thermodynamics 3.0 Theoretical Modeling Of Nucleation Kinetics 4.0 Clues of Structure, Chemistry, and Size of Diamond Nuclei 5.0 SummaryReferencesIndex