Diagnostic Pathology: Introperative Consultation book cover

Diagnostic Pathology: Introperative Consultation

Recognizing a pathologist’s need to be quick and decisive when evaluating frozen section biopsies, Diagnostic Pathology: Intraoperative Consultation is your go-to, on-the-spot reference for quick, definitive guidance to ensure efficient handling of specimens, making accurate diagnoses, and writing effective reports. This volume in the Diagnostic Pathology series offers practical, bulleted information and thousands of detailed images organized to address specific questions that need to be answered during an operation. Organized alphabetically by disease, it is the only resource presenting images and information on the most common diseases ranked according to the likelihood of diagnosis on frozen section.

Hardbound, 432 Pages

Published: February 2014

Imprint: Amirsys

ISBN: 978-1-931884-97-6




    Quality Assurance

    Safety Precautions



    Gross Examination

    Cytologic Examination

    Frozen Section

    Slide Preparation

    Lymph Nodes: Molecular Methods for Evaluation


    Adrenal and Paraganglia: Diagnosis

    Anterior Mediastinal Mass: Diagnosis

    Appendix: Diagnosis

    Bone Lesion/Tumor: Diagnosis and Margins

    Breast: Diagnosis

    Breast: Margins

    Bronchus and Trachea: Diagnosis

    Cerebellum and Brainstem: Diagnosis

    Cerebral Hemispheres: Diagnosis

    Colon: Diagnosis and Margins

    Colon: Evaluation for Hirschsprung Disease

    Esophagus: Diagnosis and Margins

    Fallopian Tube: Diagnosis

    Head and Neck Mucosa: Diagnosis and Margins

    Kidney, Adult: Diagnosis and Margins

    Kidney: Evaluation of Allograft Prior to Transplantation

    Kidney Needle Biopsy: Evaluation for Adequacy

    Kidney, Pediatric: Indications and Utility

    Larynx: Diagnosis and Margins

    Liver, Capsular Mass: Diagnosis

    Liver: Evaluation of Allograft Prior to Transplantation

    Liver, Intrahepatic Mass: Diagnosis and Margins

    Lung: Margins

    Lung: Nonneoplastic Diffuse Disease: Diagnosis

    Lung Mass: Diagnosis

    Lymph Nodes, Axillary: Diagnosis

    Lymph Nodes Below Diaphragm: Diagnosis

    Lymph Nodes: Diagnosis of Suspected Lymphoproliferative Disease

    Lymph Nodes, Head and Neck: Diagnosis

    Lymph Nodes, Mediastinal: Diagnosis for Staging and Lymphadenopathy

    Meninges: Diagnosis

    Nasal/Sinus: Diagnosis of Suspected Fungal Rhinosinusitis

    Nasal/Sinus: Diagnosis of Suspected Neoplasia

    Oropharynx and Nasopharynx: Diagnosis

    Ovary, Mass: Diagnosis

    Pancreas, Biopsy: Diagnosis

    Pancreas Resection: Parenchymal, Retroperitoneal, and Bile Duct Margins

    Parathyroid Gland: Diagnosis and Margins

    Peripheral Nerve and Skeletal Muscle: Allocation of Tissue for Special Studies

    Peritoneal/Omental Mass: Biopsy


    Pleura: Diagnosis

    Revision Arthroplasty: Evaluation of Infection

    Salivary Gland: Diagnosis and Margins

    Skin: Diagnosis and Margins

    Skin: Evaluation for TEN vs. SSSS

    Skin: Mohs Micrographic Surgery

    Soft Tissue: Evaluation For Necrotizing Fasciitis

    Soft Tissue Mass: Diagnosis and Margins

    Spinal Cord: Diagnosis 3

    Stomach: Diagnosis and Margins

    Thyroid: Diagnosis 3

    Ureter: Margins

    Uterus, Endometrium: Diagnosis

    Uterus, Endometrium: Diagnosis of Pregnancy

    Uterus, Myometrium: Diagnosis

    Vulva: Diagnosis and Margins


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