Diagnostic Imaging: Breast book cover

Diagnostic Imaging: Breast

Authored by some of the world's preeminent authorities in its field, this new book represents today's best single source of guidance on breast imaging! It presents more details for each diagnosis · more representative images · more case data · and more current references than any other reference tool. At the same time, its user-friendly format lets readers access all of this information remarkably quickly!


Hardbound, 860 Pages

Published: December 2006

Imprint: Amirsys

ISBN: 978-1-4160-3337-0


  • Part I: Anatomy

    Section 1: Breast

    Section 2: Axilla

    Section 3: Musculature

    Part II: Imaging Modalities

    Section 1: BI-RADS™ Lexicon

    Section 2: Mammography

    Section 3: Quality Assurance in Mammography

    Section 4: Ultrasound

    Section 5: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    Section 6: Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

    Section 7: Tomosynthesis

    Section 8: Other Imaging Modalities

    Part III: Breast Cancer: Basic Treatment, Basic Tenets

    Section 1: Staging

    Section 2: Pathology

    Section 3: Surgery

    Section 4: Radiation Therapy

    Section 5: Oncology

    Part IV: Diagnoses

    Section 1: Lesion Imaging Characteristics

    Subsection 1: Mass, Favoring Benign

    Subsection 2: Mass, Intermediate Concern

    Subsection 3: Mass, Favoring Malignant

    Subsection 4: Mass Lesions, Cystic Benign

    Subsection 5: Mass Lesions, Cystic, Indeterminate

    Subsection 6: Calcifications, Benign Morphology

    Subsection 7: Calcifications, Morphology Favoring Benign

    Subsection 8: Calcifications, Intermediate Concern

    Subsection 9: Calcifications, Suspicious Morphology

    Subsection 10: Calcifications, Distribution Favoring Benign

    Subsection 11: Calcifications, Distribution of Intermediate Concern

    Subsection 12: Calcifications, Distribution Favoring Malignant

    Subsection 13: Special Findings

    Subsection 14: Ultrasound Lesion Characteristics

    Subsection 15: MR Enhancement Patterns

    Section 2: Histopathologic Diagnoses

    Subsection 1: Benign

    Subsection 2: Borderline

    Subsection 3: Malignant

    Section 3: Anatomic Considerations

    Subsection 1: Nipple

    Subsection 2: Skin

    Subsection 3: Axilla

    Subsection 4: Chest Wall

    Subsection 5: Vascular Entities

    Section 4: Post Operative Imaging Findings

    Subsection 1: Results of Benign Intervention

    Subsection 2: Results Following Treatment for Malignancies

    Section 5: Special Topics

    Subsection 1: Hormonal Changes

    Subsection 2: Pregnancy

    Subsection 3: Trauma

    Subsection 4: Multiple Bilateral Findings

    Subsection 5: Breast Manifestations of Systemic Conditions

    Subsection 6: Male Breast

    Section 6: Infections and Inflammation

    Section 7: Artifacts

    Part V: Management and Procedures

    Section 1: Screening for Breast Cancer

    Section 2: High Risk Screening

    Section 3: Double Reading

    Section 4: Diagnostic Assessment

    Section 5: Treatment Planning Issues

    Section 6: Procedures, Image-guided

    Section 7: Procedures, Surgical


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