Developments in the Supervision of Midwives book cover

Developments in the Supervision of Midwives

* Dilemmas of management versus supervision * Bullying and the culture of blame * Disciplinary versus supportive roles * The impact of clinical governance * Innovation in supervision * The new ENB distance learning package * The University of Hertfordshire Masters Course * Personal stories and case studies

Paperback, 256 Pages

Published: April 2000

Imprint: Books For Midwives

ISBN: 978-1-898507-78-9


  • Research and audit: Evaluation of supervision of midwives; Audit of supervision of midwives; Implications of current supervision; Changes in practice: Research implementation; The new LSA arrangements in practice; Supervision in a midwife managed birth centre; Clinical supervision within midwifery; Anonymised case studies of supervisory practice; Education for supervisors: Development of the new open learning programme; Supervision at masters level; Index.


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