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Developmental Neurobiology

Developmental Neuroscience is one of the six core disciplines in Neuroscience, and yet no single volume, non-textbook reference exists on the market that provides researchers with more in-depth, high-level information on developmental neurobiology.  Currently, anyone interested in the field at a higher level must sift through review articles published frequently and the more specific handbooks that focus on aspects of development rather than the field as a whole.

This reference is the first of its kind to fill this need. It pulls together the relevant articles on the topic from the 10-volume Encyclopedia of Neuroscience (Academic Press, 2008) and serves as an affordable and immediate resource for scientists, postdocs, graduate students with an interest beyond the basic textbook materials on the subject.


Students, instructors, and scientists in Neuroscience and Developmental Biology

Hardbound, 771 Pages

Published: September 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-375081-5


  • Section 1: Neural Induction, Pattern Formation, and Cell Specification
    Gary Schoenwolf: Neurulation
    Claudio Stern: Neural induction in chicks
    Lewis Wolpert: Morphogens: history
    Henk Roelink: Sonic Hedgehog and neural patterning
    James Brisco: Floor Plate patterning of ventral cell types: Ventral Patterning
    Richard Twyman: Wnt pathway and neural patterning
    Ethan Bier: Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling in the neuroectoderm
    Gregg Duester: Retinoic Acid Signaling and neural patterning
    Robb Krumlauf: Hox gene expression
    Jeremy Dasen: Anterior-posterior spinal cord patterning of the motor pool
    Michael Brand: Neural patterning: Midbrain-hindbrain boundary
    Cliff Ragsdale: Midbrain Patterning
    Luis Puelles: Forebrain Development: Prosomere Model
    Steve Wilson: Forebrain: early development
    Edwin Monuki: Forebrain Development: Holoprosencephaly
    Dennis O'Leary: Neural Patterning: Arealization of the Cortex
    Masarharu Noda: Neural patterning: eye fields
    Ajay Chitnis: Notch pathway: Lateral inhibition
    Gerry Weinmaster: Notch signal transduction: Molecular and cellular mechanisms
    Jane Johnson: Helix-loop-helix (bHLH) proteins: proneural
    Ryoichiro Kageyama: Helix-loop-helix proteins (bHLH):Hes family
    Larysa H. Pevny: Sox gene expression
    Sam Pfaff: Transcriptional networks and the spinal cord
    Richard Twyman: Transcriptional Silencing
    Sam Pfaff: Motor neuron specification in vertebrates
    Anthony Wynshaw-Boris: Lissencephaly
    Carrolee Barlow: Anatomy of the Mammalian Brain
    Gene Yeo: Terminal differentiation: REST
    Stefan Thor: Drosophila Apterous Neurons:from Stem Cell to Unique Neuron
    Arthur Butt: Macroglial lineages
    Arnon Rosenthal: Dopaminergic Differentiation
    Anne Calof: Olfactory neuron patterning and specification
    Bill Richardson: Oligodendrocyte Specification
    Matthew W Kelley: Hair cell differentiation
    Brian A. Link: Retinal Development: An Overview
    Michel Cayouette: Retinal Development: Cell Type Specification
    Tom Reh: Neural stem cells: ocular
    H. M. Young: Neural Crest
    Rhona Mirsky: Schwann cell development
    R. Doug Fields: Schwann Cells and Axon Relationship
    Klaus-Armin Nave: Neural crest cell diversification and specification: ErbB role
    Michael Wegner: Neural crest diversification and specification:Transcriptional Control of Schwann cell differentiation
    Heinz Arnheiter: Neural crest cell diversification and specification: melanocytes
    Donald Newgreen: Autonomic nervous system development
    Peter G Smith: Autonomic Neuroplasticity:Development
    Michael Gershon: Enteric nervous system development
    Stephan Marc: Breedlove Sexual differentiation of the brain
    Richard B Simerly: Sexual Differentiation of the Central Nervous System

    Section 2: Axon Guidance and Synaptogenesis
    Dennis O'Leary: Chemoaffinity Hypothesis: Development of Topographic Axonal Projections
    Christine Holt: Topographic Maps: Molecular Mechanisms
    Geoffrey J Goodhill: Axonal Pathfinding
    Kang Shen: Axon guidance: Guidance cues and guidepost cells
    Andreas Faissner: Axon Guidance by Glia
    John H Martin: Corticospinal Development
    Fan Wang: Axon Guidance:  Building Pathways with Molecular Cues in Vertebrate Sensory Systems
    Jonathan Raper: Growth Cones
    R.A. Rachel: Optic Nerve, Optic Chiasm and Optic Tracts
    Marla B Feller: Activity in visual development
    Martha Constantine-Paton: NMDA receptors and development
    Sansar Sharma: Optic Tectum: Development and plasticity
    Holly Cline: Dendrite Development, Synapse Formation and Elimination
    John B Thomas: Axon guidance: Morphogens as chemoattractants and chemorepellants
    Frederic Charron: Axonal pathfinding: guidance activities of sonic hedghog
    Marc Tessier-Lavigne: Axonal pathfinding: Netrins Darwin
    Paul C Letourneau: Axonal pathfinding: Extracellular matrix role
    Eunjoon Kim: Postsynaptic Development, neuronal (molecular scaffolds)
    Carlo Sala: Postsynaptic specialization  assembly
    Noam Ziv: Presynaptic Development & Active Zones
    Ege T. Kavalali: Presynaptic development: functional and morphological organization
    Haig S Keshishian: Development of Drosophila neuromuscular junctions
    Clarke R. Slater: Neuromuscular junction (NMJ): mammalian development
    Michael J Werle: Neuromuscular junction (NMJ): postsynaptic basal lamina
    Hans R Brenner: Neuromuscular junction: neuronal regulation of gene transcription at the vertebrate
    Richard R. Ribchester: Neuromuscular junction: Synapse Elimination
    Chien-Ping Ko: Schwann cells and plasticity of the neuromuscular junction
    Nicola Allen: Glia and Synapse Formation: An Overview
    Yesekiel Ben-Ari: GABA-A receptors: developmental roles

    Section 3: Neurogenesis, Neurotrophism, and Regeneration
    Gordon Fishell: Cerebral cortex: symmetric vs. asymmetric cell division
    Anna Philpott: Differentiation:the cell cycle instead
    Ronald W Oppenheim: Programmed Cell Death
    Robert O Heuckeroth: Apoptosis: Autonomic nervous system
    Peter G.H. Clarke: Autophagy and neuronal death
    Mark H Tuszynski: Neurotrophins: physiology and pharmacology
    M. Jill Saffrey: Enteric nervous system: neurotrophic factors
    Bernhard Reuss: Glial growth factors
    Fred H Gage: Neural stem cells: adult neurogenesis
    Gerd Kempermann: Neurogenesis in the intact adult brain
    Rahul Jandial: Stem cells and CNS repair
    Daniel A Peterson: Synaptic plasticity: Neuronogenesis and stem cells in normal brain aging
    Jon Nilsen: Synaptic plasticity: neuronal sprouting
    Matthias Bähr: Axonal regeneration: Role of growth and guidance cues
    James Fawcett: Spinal cord regeneration and functional recovery: Strategies 
    Peter Richardson: Peripheral nerve regeneration: an overview


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