Developmental Juvenile Osteology

  • Angela Christie
  • By

    • Louise Scheuer
    • Sue Black
    • Criag Cunningham
    • Louise Scheuer, Department of Anatomy & Developmental Biology, University College London, UK
    • Sue Black, Centre for Anatomy & Human Identification, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK

    Developmental Juvenile Osteology gives an account of the development of all the bones of the human skeleton, from their earliest embryological form to final adult form. This volume collates information never before assembled in one volume. Profusely illustrated with high quality drawings, it also provides a complete description of the adult skeleton and its anomalies.
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    Researchers and students in anthropology and archaeology; forensic and medical scientists; and libraries.


Book information

  • Published: July 2000
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-624000-9


"This book is really a very much-needed text and reference book which is not only immensely helpful for physical anthropologists, but also for general biologists and anatomists working on the development of the human skeleton. ...The book can whole-heartedly be recommended..."
—M. Schultz for AUXOLOGIE (2002)

"The text is informative and well written, and makes fluent reading. This book will become a standard reference text and should be available not only in departments of archaeology and anthropology, but also to paediatric clinicians, radiologists and lawyers."
—Christine Hall in THE JOURNAL OF BONE AND JOINT SURGERY (April 2001)
"Scheuer and Black have produced a much-needed reference text where previously there was mostly a void. These authors have invested heavily in researching the literature as well as museum collections in order to create Developmental Juvenile Osteology. Anyone who works with human skeletal remains in any context would greatly benefit from having this text as part of his or her library."
—Lee Meadows Jantz, University of Tennessee, in AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY (2001)
"It is without doubt a worthy addition to the field of anatomy and should be a strong 'must have' for anyone interested in the growing human, whether from a clinical, forensic or archeological point of view. It should also find an indispensable place on the shelves of libraries and institutions where teaching and understanding of human anatomy is an important component of any courses and their specification or curricula."
—Peter Dangerfield, Liverpool University, in JOURNAL OF ANATOMY (2001)
"...a welcome, long overdue contribution... The greatest achievement of this book is the combination of its unusual level of detail, top-quality illustrative material, and methodologies the authors have developed themselves, or wisely culled (and adapted) from fellow researchers. ...the book is unsurpassed in its handling of the complex anatomy of the young individual. essential volume for archaeologists and physical anthropologists in the field..."
—Yoel Rak, Tel Aviv University, in JOURNAL OF HUMAN EVOLUTION (2001)
"This book should be in every medical and anthropological library."

Table of Contents

Introduction.A Guide to the Text.Skeletal Development and Aging.Bone Development.Early Embryological Development.The Head, Neck and Dentition.The Vertebral Column.The Thorax.The Pectoral Girdle.The Upper Limb.The Pelvic Girdle.The Lower Limb.Appendices.Bibliography.Index.