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Development of the Nervous System

Development of the Nervous System presents a broad and basic treatment of the established and evolving principles of neural development as exemplified by key experiments and observations from past and recent times. The text is organized ontogenically. It begins with the emergence of the neural primordium and takes a chapter-by-chapter approach in succeeding events in neural development: patterning and growth of the nervous system, neuronal determination, axonal navigation and targeting, neuron survival and death, synapse formation and developmental plasticity. Finally, in the last chapter, with the construction phase nearing completion, we examine the emergence of behavior.  This new edition reflects the complete modernization of the field that has been achieved through the intensive application of molecular, genetic, and cell biological approaches. It is richly illustrated with color photographs and original drawings. Combined with the clear and concise writing, the illustrations make this a book that is well suited to students approaching this intriguing field for the first time.

Neuroscience and developmental biology researchers, students, and educators -mid to upper level undergraduate bio / pre-med, and graduate and medical schools.

Hardbound, 360 Pages

Published: March 2011

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374539-2


  • 1 Neural Induction2 Polarity and Segmentation3 Birth and Migration4 Determination and Differentiation5 Axon Growth and Guidance6 Target Selection7 Naturally Occuring Neuron Death8 Synapse Formation and Function9 Refinement of Synaptic Connectivity10 Behavioral and Cognitive Development


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