Development of Packaging and Products for Use in Microwave Ovens book cover

Development of Packaging and Products for Use in Microwave Ovens

The efficient design of microwave food products and associated packaging materials for optimum food quality and safety requires knowledge of product dielectric properties and associated heating mechanisms, careful consideration of product geometry, knowledge of modern packaging and ingredient technologies, and application of computer simulation, statistics and experimental design. Integrated knowledge and efficient application of these tools is essential for those developing food products in this demanding field.

Development of packaging and products for use in microwave ovens provides a focused and comprehensive review for developers. Part one discusses the principles of microwave heating and ovens, with an emphasis on the effect of food dielectric properties and geometry on heating uniformity and optimising the flavours and colours of microwave foods. Microwave packaging materials and design are discussed in Part two; chapters cover rigid packaging, susceptors and shielding. Product development, food, packaging and oven safety is the topic of Part three. Computer modelling of microwave products and active packaging is discussed in Part four.

Written by a distinguished team of international contributors, Development of packaging and products for use in microwave ovens is a valuable resource for those in the food and packaging industries.

Those in the food and packaging industries

Hardbound, 396 Pages

Published: July 2009

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-420-3


  • Part 1 Principles: Electromagnetic basis of microwave heating; Influence of food geometry and dielectric properties on heating performance; Advanced topics in microwave heating uniformity; Microwave ovens; Measurements of dielectric properties of foods and associated materials; Microwave dielectric properties of foods and some other substances; Flavors and colors for microwave foods. Part 2 Microwave packaging materials and design: Rigid passive microwave packaging forms; Susceptors in microwave packaging; Shielding and field modification-thick metal films. Part 3 Product development, packaging and oven safety: Package and product development testing in a microwave oven; Regulatory issues in microwave packaging; Microwave oven safety. Part 4 Modeling of microwave heating: Modeling microwave heating in foods; Modeling the effects of active packaging of microwaved foods.


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