Development of Methods for Characterisation of Roughness in Three Dimensions book cover

Development of Methods for Characterisation of Roughness in Three Dimensions

Based on research funded by the European Commission, this important handbook provides a basis for a unified approach to three-dimensional surface finish assessment. It covers a broad range of issues related to 3-D micro-topography, with particular emphasis on standardisation, measurement, characterisation and interpretation. This reprint includes an updating introductory section. This work is to be the basis for a 3D international standard.

Specialists in micro instrumentation, precision engineering practitioners and academics, mechanical, quality assurance, production engineers

Paperback, 384 Pages

Published: June 2002

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-1-85718-023-7


  • 1. Updating introduction to this revised reprint; 2. An integrated approach to the assessment of 3-D micro-topography; 3. Techniques and fidelity of data collection; 4. Measurement strategy of the stylus instrument; 5. Effects of stylus geometry and loading;6. Fidelity of the measurement datum; 7. The selection of sampling conditions; 8. Specification for a unified data file format; 9. Reference for 3-D topography characterisation; 10. Digital filtering of 3-D surface topography; 11. Characterisation techniques;12. Parameters for characterising 3-D surfaces; 13. The effects of quantisation on 3-D topography characterisation; 14. Functional characterisation of engineering surfaces ; 15. Calibration of surface topography instruments.


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