Development of Methods for Characterisation of Roughness in Three Dimensions


  • Ken Stout
  • Liam Blunt, Taylor Hobson Professor of Surface Metrology at the University of Huddersfield, UK
  • W. Dong
  • E. Mainsah
  • N. Luo
  • T. Mathia
  • P. Sullivan
  • H. Zahouani

Based on research funded by the European Commission, this important handbook provides a basis for a unified approach to three-dimensional surface finish assessment. It covers a broad range of issues related to 3-D micro-topography, with particular emphasis on standardisation, measurement, characterisation and interpretation. This reprint includes an updating introductory section. This work is to be the basis for a 3D international standard.
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Specialists in micro instrumentation, precision engineering practitioners and academics, mechanical, quality assurance, production engineers


Book information

  • Published: June 2002
  • ISBN: 978-1-85718-023-7

Table of Contents

1. Updating introduction to this revised reprint; 2. An integrated approach to the assessment of 3-D micro-topography; 3. Techniques and fidelity of data collection; 4. Measurement strategy of the stylus instrument; 5. Effects of stylus geometry and loading;6. Fidelity of the measurement datum; 7. The selection of sampling conditions; 8. Specification for a unified data file format; 9. Reference for 3-D topography characterisation; 10. Digital filtering of 3-D surface topography; 11. Characterisation techniques;12. Parameters for characterising 3-D surfaces; 13. The effects of quantisation on 3-D topography characterisation; 14. Functional characterisation of engineering surfaces ; 15. Calibration of surface topography instruments.