Developing Practical Wireless Applications


  • Dean A. Gratton, Co-founder of both GA Technology and Camden Publications

In a constant stream of new ideas, wireless technologies continue to emerge offering a range of capabilities, each affording simplicity and ease-of-use. Such diversity and choice should surely beg the question, “are manufacturers using the right technology for the right product?” Developing Practical Wireless Applications will explore this question and, in doing so, will illustrate many of the wireless technologies currently available whilst drawing upon their individual strengths and weaknesses. More specifically, the book will draw your attention to the diverse collection of standardized and proprietary solutions available to manufacturers. As developers and innovators your choices are not restricted to any norm and, as such, a standardized or proprietary solution may afford you greater benefits in realising any product roadmap. Developing Practical Wireless Applications will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how each technology works, coupled with an exploration into overlapping, complementary and competing technologies. In establishing this foundation, we will explore wireless applications in their context and address their suitability. In contrast, the book also considers the practicality of a wireless world in an attempt to better understand our audience and specific demographic groups. Coupled with a richer understanding of our consumers, along with our technology make-up we can indeed target wireless products more effectively.
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Intermediate to advanced technologists. Project Managers and Engineers. Business development personnel.


Book information

  • Published: January 2007
  • Imprint: DIGITAL PRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-55558-310-1

Table of Contents

TITLE & COPYRIGHT***DEDICATIONCONTENTS***ABOUT THE AUTHORPREFACEACKNOWLEDGEMENTSINTRODUCTIONPART I: UNDERSTANDING A WIRELESS WORLD Chapter 1: Making Sense of Wireless Technology Chapter 2: Understanding the Wireless Audience Chapter 3: Comparing Personal-area and Wide-area Communications Chapter 4: Can we Confidently Rely on Wireless Communication?Chapter 5: Realizing a True Wireless Life-style VisionPART II: A PROPRIETARY APPROACH TO DEVELOPING WIRELESS APPLICATIONS Chapter 6: An Introduction to the Notion of Proprietary-based Wireless Application Development Chapter 7: ZenSys: An Open Standard for Wireless Home Control Chapter 8: Cypress Semiconductors: Introducing WirelessUSBChapter 9: Aura Communications Technology: Creating the Personal BubblePART III: A STANDARDS APPROACH TO DEVELOPING WIRELESS APPLICATIONSChapter 10: An Introduction to the Notion of Standards-based Wireless Application DevelopmentChapter 11: Bluetooth: A Cable Replacement TechnologyChapter 12: ZigBee: Untethered and UnlicensedChapter 13: WiFi: Enabling true Ubiquitous Connectivity Chapter 14: Near Field Communications: The Smart Choice for Enabling ConnectivityChapter 15: Ultra-Wideband: Introducing a New Short Range Wireless Medium GLOSSARYREFERENCESINDEX***