Developing People and the Corporate Culture in Financial Services book cover

Developing People and the Corporate Culture in Financial Services

To succeed in fast-moving markets, financial services organizations have to manage change in organizational culture in order to harness the commitment as well as the competences of their human resources. Changing the 'corporate mind' is a fundamental survival skill for the new leaders as well as the basis for market dominance in the future.

Developing people and the corporate culture in financial services describes the personal views and direct experience of practitioners working with a variety of organizations. It focuses on the fundamental requirements for transforming corporate cultures and describes the ways to bring out the best efforts and commitment of the people employed.

Paperback, 192 Pages

Published: May 1999

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-432-6


  • Achieving success in services through cultural change; Using vision and mission statements to increase motivation; Mobilising the organization to create shareholder value; Organising high performance teams using the Balanced Scorecard; Changing the management style to encourage employee participation; The new role of human resources: Catalyst and buyer services; Reducing the workforce and introducing flexible contracts; Management development strategies for the twenty-first century; Managing organizational change programmes and evaluating their effects; The future of employee relations.


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