Developing Children’S Food Products

Edited by

  • David Kilcast, Consultant, UK (Volume 2)
  • Fiona Angus, formerly Leatherhead Food Research, UK

The development of food and drink products for children and adolescents represents an expanding market sector, which has received little attention in the existing literature. In recognition of increasing concerns regarding diet and nutrition in children and their potential impact on nutrition-related health issues in later life, this book covers three broad aspects relating to developing children’s food products - nutrition and health, children’s food choices, and the design and testing of food and drink products for children.

Part one covers topical issues in pre-adult nutrition and health, such as nutritional requirements, fluid intake needs, diet and behaviour and growing 20th century health problems such as childhood obesity and food allergies. Part two then focuses on children’s food choices, addressing food promotion and food choice in children and strategies that can be used to improve children’s food choices both inside and outside of the home. Finally, part three considers the design of food and drink products for children, with an emphasis on working with children and adolescents to design food and drink products, and how best to undertake consumer and sensory testing with children.

With its team of expert international contributors, Developing children’s food products is an essential resource for both academics and food industry professionals, offering particular assistance to product developers working within the competitive children’s market.
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Professionals and academics.


Book information

  • Published: February 2011
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-431-9

Table of Contents

Part 1 Pre-adult nutrition and health: Children’s dietary needs: Nutrients, interactions and their role in health; Fluids and children’s health; Childhood obesity: The contribution of diet; Diet, behaviour and cognition in children; Food allergies and intolerances in children. Part 2 Children’s food choices: Food promotion and food choice in children; Increasing children’s food choices: Strategies based upon research and practice; School-based interventions to improve food choices: The Kid’s Choice Program. Part 3 Design of food and drink products for children: Consumer testing of food products using children; Case studies of consumer testing of food products using children; Working with children and adolescents for food product development.