Developing Change Leaders book cover

Developing Change Leaders

The principles and practices of change leadership development

Implementing change is a major business challenge. Is your leadership up to the task?

With change initiatives failing so frequently despite many books on the market addressing separately the topics of leadership and change management, Developing Change Leaders tackles in one concise volume the all-important question of how to develop effective change leaders who make a difference to organizational life.

Providing the detailed practical guidance, frameworks and tools that competing titles lack, this how-to book will help you address the challenges of change and develop your own interventions.

Based on the authors’ real-life experience of designing development programmes and coaching individual change leaders, Developing Change Leaders will help you to assess your readiness for leading change and develop the necessary skills to make change successful.

Considering the essential background theory, including the contemporary context of change leadership and broader organizational considerations which impact on change leadership capability, the book concludes with an overarching framework for use and adaptation by those responsible for developing change leaders.

Combining academic prowess and industry consultancy experience, Paul Aitken and Malcolm Higgs are the ideal experts to translate academic theory into leadership and human resource practice.

Senior human resource, human resource development and organization development practitioners; Senior managers needing to build effective change teams; Executive coaches; Students taking change leadership courses.


Published: September 2009

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-8377-7


  • “This book delivers a comprehensive, multi-dimensional work which will inform both the individual and organization on the necessary environment for and best practice in developing change leaders.”
    Claire Collins, Director, Henley Partnership and Subject Area Leader, Leadership & Change, Henley Business School, UK

    “This is required reading for students of business and more-than-useful general reading for managers in all industries and sectors across the world. This is executive education in a book.”
    Professor Ken Parry, Director of the Centre for Leadership Studies, Bond University, Australia and Founding Director, Centre for the Study of Leadership, New Zealand


  • Part 1: The Contemporary Context for Developing Change Leadership
    Introduction to Part 1
    Chapter 1: The Change Leadership Context
    Chapter 2: The Challenge of Change
    Chapter 3: What does it take to Lead Change
    Part 2: How to Develop Change Leadership Capability
    Introduction to Part 2
    Chapter 4: A Values Dialogue for Change Leaders
    Chapter 5: Building a Change Leadership Culture
    Chapter 6: The Evolution of a Change Leader
    Chapter 7: Development Approaches
    Part 3: Organisational Considerations
    Introduction to Part 3
    Chapter 8: Evaluating the Impact of Change Leadership Development
    Chapter 9: Managing Change Leadership Talent
    Chapter 10: A Framework for Developing ‘changing’ Leadership Capability
    Concluding Remarks


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