Developing and Managing Embedded Systems and Products book cover

Developing and Managing Embedded Systems and Products

Methods, Techniques, Tools, Processes, and Teamwork

This book is part of the series entitled ‘Expert Guides: Become an Expert by Reading the Experts’. The Guides provide a complete, solutions-oriented reference on an important area in embedded systems engineering, written by the experts in the field who have imparted their years of knowledge and experience.


Embedded Systems Engineers, Embedded Developers, graduate students

Hardbound, 850 Pages

Published: November 2014

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-12-405879-8


    • 1. Developing Embedded Systems
      Case Study: Interview with Jack Ganssle
      2. Drivers of Success in Engineering Teams
      3. Project Introduction and Planning
      4. Dealing with Risk
      5. Documentation
      6. Requirements
      7. Tradeoffs and Analyses
      8. The Discipline of System Design
      9. Mechanical Design and Development
      10. Electrical and Electronic Design and Development
      11. Software Design and Development
      12. Managing Security
      13. Review
      14. Test and Integration
      15. Manufacturing
      16. Logistics, Distribution, and Support
      17. Agreements, Contracts, and Negotiations
      18. Dealing with the Government
      19. Agency and Getting Paid
      20. Intellectual Property, Licensing, and Patents
      21. Open Source Software
      22. Laws That Can Nail Embedded Engineers
      23. Corporate Operations, Export, and Compliance
      Appendix A: A Real-Time Virtual Machine Implementation For Small Microcontrollers
      Appendix B: Case Studies at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the Development of Real-Time Instrumentation Systems
      Appendix C: Design of a Parallel Computer-Based, Streaming Digital Video Instrument
      Appendix D: The Challenge of Building Reliable Systems
      Appendix E: Debugging of Electromagnetic Compatibility Issues
      Appendix F: Smart Meter Security



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