Designing the New European Union, 279 book cover

Designing the New European Union, 279

Economists, graduate students and researchers of economics.


Published: December 2006

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-52968-8


  • Part I¿IntroductionChapter 1. Designing Europe¿A Survey of Tasks Ahead (Helge Berger and Thomas Moutos)Part II¿Europe¿s InstitutionsChapter 2. In Praise of the European Constitution: A Political Economics Perspective (Gerard Roland, Discussant: Lambros Pechlivanos)Chapter 3. Aspects of EU Organization (Massimo Bordignon, Discussant: Stefan Voigt)Chapter 4. Designing the New EU: Welfare Policy Integration Issues (Giuseppe Bertola, Discussant: Laszlo Goerke) Chapter 5. The EU budget - How much Scope for Institutional Reform? (Henrik Enderlein, Johannes Lindner, Oscar Calvo-Gonzalez, and Raymond Ritter, Discussant: Margarita Katsimi)Part III¿Fiscal and Financial Policies Chapter 6. Fiscal Sustainability in EMU. From the Stability and Growth Pact to a Sustainability Council for EMU (Jürgen von Hagen, Discussant: Wolfgang Eggert)Chapter 7. How Do Banking Supervisors Deal With Europe-Wide Systemic Risk? (Marton Schüler, Discussant: Tuomas Takalo) Part IV¿One Money, One Economy?Chapter 8. Euro Area Inflation Differentials (Ignazio Angeloni and Michael Ehrmann, Discussant: Andrew Hughes Hallet)Chapter 9. Black Tie Required? How To Enter A Currency Union (Volker Nitsch, Discussant: Sarantis Kalyvitis)


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