Designer's Handbook Instrmtn/Contr Circuits

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Practicing electronics engineers, high-level electronics technicians, non-electronics engineers, and scientists who need to understand and design electronic instrumentation.


Published: April 1991

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-160640-4


  • "A reference for engineers and high-level electronics technicians, this work avoids complex mathematical treatments, providing discussions of the process of analog instrumentation and control; the design of instrumentation and data acquisition circuits; Data Converter Interfacing and a wide variety of electronic applications; all presented in a highly readable format."


  • Analog Instrumentation. Signals and Noise. Transducers, Sensors, and Signal Processing. Temperature Sensors. Position, Displacement, Force, and Pressure Sensors. Electro-Optical Sensors. Flow and Flow Rate Sensors. Electrodes for Bioelectric Sensing. Physical Measurements and Electronic Circuits. Designing and Building Safe, Reliable Instruments. Introduction to Linear Integrated Circuit Devices. IC Operational Amplifiers. Nonoperational IC Linear Amplifiers. DC Differential Operational Amplifier Circuits. Isolation Amplifiers and Their Applications. Nonlinear (Diode) Applications of Linear IC Devices. Analog Signal Processing Circuits. Signal Sources, Waveform Generators, and Waveshaping Circuits. Analog Multiplier and Divider Circuits. Analog Active Filter Circuits. IC and Digital Timer Circuits. IC Data Converters and Their Application. Practical Data Converter Circuits. Data Converter Interfacing. Design and Construction of DC Power Supplies. Index.


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