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Design Engineering Manual

Design Engineering covers multiple disciplines but not limited to electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, and architectural engineering. The design engineer sets the direction of the design effort and does the most complex parts of design. Consequently, the design engineer must be familiar with and have access to many different areas in engineering. This concise volume does just that, bringing critical information such as design and materials, new materials, ergonomics, reliability and maintainability, product safety, electronics, mechanics, and plastics to the design engineer.


Design engineers, mechanical engineers, materials engineers, materials developers, graduate students.

Hardbound, 610 Pages

Published: November 2009

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-1-85617-838-9


  • "Tooley intends Design Engineering Manual as a one-stop, concise compendium of design engineering information. The text encompasses a broad array of engineering related topics-such as design, new materials, ergonomics, reliability and maintainability, and product safety-for applications in electrical, mechanical, civil, and architectural engineering. Chapters are supported with illustrations, case studies, and diagrams. Specific sections are included on design techniques for electronics, mechanics, and plastics. The book is written for engineers, material developers, and graduate students."--Mechanical Engineering Magazine


    1. Introduction
    2. The Design Process
    3. Product Development
    4. Design and Materials
    5. New Materials
    6. Design and Ergonomics
    7. Reliability and Maintainability
    8. Product Safety and Legal Liability
    9. Design Techniques: Electronics
    10. Design Techniques: Mechanics
    11. Design Techniques: Plastics


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