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With a unique combination of targeted online lectures, vast online image collections, and an easy-to-follow supporting atlas, Dr. Elston’s highly acclaimed "dermatopathology made easier" approach presents a unique way to master the foundations of this complex dermatology sub-specialty, guiding you through the diagnosis of the most important and common dermatologic pathology findings seen in practice.


Hardbound, 464 Pages

Published: December 2013

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7020-5527-0


  • "The latest addition to the Requisites In Dermatology Series is a concise, user-friendly guide, accompanied by full-text on-line access. This comprehensive quick-reference tool will be welcomed by dermatology and pathology registrars, both as an introductory text and for examination review. It is also a useful, convenient desk-top resource for practicing dermatologists and general pathologists. This book is a laser-sharp resource for students and for seasoned practitioners wanting a pictorial refresher course. If, heaven forbid, I were sitting for a dermatopathology exam in the near future, I’d be taking this book everywhere."
    Melbourne Pathology, July 2009

    "Requisites in Dermatology - Dermatopathology is a comprehensive, free-standing work that rivals the content and complexity of any other standard textbook of dermatopathology. Its compact dimensions and on-line interface are sure to make it a first choice for many clinicians both within the office and on-the-go. I highly recommend it to the reading audience."
    Dermatopathology: Practical and Conceptual (, 2009


    "The authors are to be applauded for this succinct yet comprehensive, highly usable text…It will be well-received by a broad audience at all training levels and will be of particular interest to dermatology and pathology residents seeking to establish a solid foundation in dermatopathology."
    Dermatopathology: Practical and Conceptual (, 2009


  • 1 The basics: diagnostic terms, skin anatomy, and stains

    2 Benign tumors and cysts of the epidermis

    3 Malignant tumors of the epidermis

    4 Pilar and sebaceous neoplasms

    5 Sweat gland neoplasms

    6 Melanocytic neoplasms

    7 Interface dermatitis

    8 Psoriasiform and spongiotic dermatitis

    9 Blistering diseases

    10 Granulomatous and histiocytic diseases

    11 Inflammatory vascular diseases

    12 Genodermatoses

    13 Alterations in collagen and elastin

    14 Metabolic disorders

    15 Disorders of skin appendages

    16 Panniculitis

    17 Bacterial, spirochete, and protozoan infections

    18 Fungal infections

    19 Viral infections, helminths, and arthropods

    20 Fibrous tumors

    21 Tumors of fat, muscle, cartilage and bone

    22 Neural tumors

    23 Vascular tumors


    25 B-cell lymphoma and lymphocytic leukemia

    26 Metastatic tumors and simulators


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