Dentistry, Dental Practice, and the Community book cover

Dentistry, Dental Practice, and the Community

This great resource presents dentistry and dental practice against the ever-changing backdrop of economic, technological, and demographic trends, as well as the distribution of the oral diseases that dental professionals treat and prevent. The text is logically divided into five parts. Dentistry and the Community deals with the development of the dental and dental hygiene professions, demographics of the public, its use of dental services, and the professional role. Dental Practice covers the structure and financing of dental care, the personnel involved in providing that care, and the emerging field of evidence-based dentistry. The Methods of Oral Epidemiology provides a comprehensive assessment of the epidemiology of oral diseases and the determinants of their distribution in society. The Distribution of Oral Diseases and Conditions gives a detailed presentation of how the common oral diseases are distributed in the community. Prevention of Oral Diseases in Public Health discusses methods of preventing oral diseases in dental practice and through public health action.

Book, 440 Pages

Published: March 2005

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-3426-9


  • Part I: Dentistry and the Community
    1. The Professions of Dentistry and Dental Hygiene
    2. The Public Served by Dentistry
    3. Ethics and Responsibility in Dental Care
    4. Dental Public Health
    5. Promotion of Oral Health

    Part II: Dental Practice
    6. Dental Practice
    7. Financing Dental Care
    8. The Dental Workforce
    9. Access to Dental Care
    10. Infection Control and Mercury Safety
    11. Reading the Dental Literature
    12. Evidence-Based Dentistry

    Part III: The Methods of Oral Epidemiology
    13. Research Designs in Oral Epidemiology
    14. The Measurement of Oral Diseases
    15. Measuring Dental Cares
    16. Measuring Periodontal Diseases
    17. Measuring Dental Fluorosis
    18. Measuring Other Conditions

    Part IV: The Distribution of Oral Diseases and Conditions
    19. Tooth Loss
    20. Dental Caries
    21. Periodontal Diseases
    22. Dental Fluorosis
    23. Oral Cancer and Other Oral Conditions

    Part V: Prevention of Oral Diseases in Public Health
    24. Fluoride: Human Health and Caries Prevention
    25. Fluoridation of Drinking Water
    26. Other Uses of Fluoride in Caries Prevention
    27. Fissure Sealants
    28. Diet and Plaque Control
    29. Prevention of Periodontal Diseases
    30. Smokeless Tobacco, Oral Cancer, and Anti-Tobacco Initiatives


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