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Dental Materials

Properties and Manipulation

Focusing on the dental materials most commonly used, Dental Materials: Properties and Manipulation, 10th Edition covers the tasks that dental assistants and dental hygienists typically perform. It shows the most current materials, how to mix and apply them in a clinical setting, and how to educate patients about them. Now in full color, this edition adds more photographs of materials actually being mixed, used, and applied, and includes detailed coverage of ceramics, metals, and implant and impression materials. Written by well-known experts on restorative dentistry and materials, John Powers and John Wataha, Dental Materials is a trusted text that keeps you on top of the rapidly developing field of dental materials.


Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-10154-7


  • Dental materials; properties and manipulation, 9th ed.
    Powers, John M. and John C. Wataha.
    Elsevier Mosby, c2008
    978-0-323-04964-1 RK652 $57.95 (pa)
    The ninth edition of this textbook has been expanded to include over 200 new illustrations, links to an interactive website and recent advances in the field of dental materials. Powers, editor of The Dental Advisor, and Wataha (U. of Washington) discuss the latest dental materials and their chemical properties, including many illustrations of manipulation techniques. Tables, margin notes, quick reviews and self-tests make the information more clear to dental students and practitioners alike.


  • 1. Introduction to Restorative Dental Materials

    2. Properties of Materials

    3. Preventive Dental Materials

    4. Direct Esthetic Restorative Materials

    5. Dental Amalgam

    6. Finishing, Polishing, and Cleansing Materials

    7. Cements

    8. Impression Materials

    9. Model and Die Materials

    10. Waxes

    11. Casting Alloys, Wrought Alloys, and Solders

    12. Casting of Dental Alloysand Soldering

    13. Polymers in Prosthodontics

    14. Dental Ceramics

    15. Dental Implants




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