Dental Implants book cover

Dental Implants

The Art and Science

For coverage of cutting-edge techniques and procedures, Dental Implants: The Art and Science is your "go to" reference! This edition includes 20 new chapters and coverage of the latest advances and research from leading dental implant experts. Topics range from the business of dental implants and risk management to new treatment techniques such as Teeth In A Day® and Teeth In An Hour™, the All-on-4 concept, Piezoelectric bone surgery, the new NobelActiveTM implant, the use of dental implants in children, and more. Over 1,100 full-color clinical photographs and illustrations bring concepts to life and provide step-by-step visuals for surgical and prosthetic techniques. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, up-to-date resource you can trust, Dental Implants is the book you need!

Book, 560 Pages

Published: March 2010

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-3586-0


  • 1. The Future Need and Demand for Dental Implants  NEW!

    2. The Business of Implant Dentistry  NEW!

    3. Essential Systems for Team Training in the Dental Implant Practice  NEW!

    4. Dental Risk Management

    5. Master Planning of the Implant Case

    6. Dental Implant Therapy for Medically Compromised Patients  NEW!

    7. Surgical Anatomic Considerations for Dental Implant Reconstruction

    8. Contemporary Radiographic Evaluation of the Implant Candidate  NEW!

    9. Bone: Present and Future

    10. The Use of CT/CBCT and Interactive Virtual Treatment Planning and the Triangle of Bone®: Defining New Paradigms for Assessment of Implant Receptor Sites  NEW!

    11. Peri-implant Soft Tissues  NEW!

    12. Membrane Barriers for Guided Tissue Regeneration

    13. Contemporary Sinus-Lift Subantral Surgery and Grafting Procedures  NEW!

    14. Nerve Transposition: Inferior Alveolar and Mental

    15. Graftless Solutions for Atrophic Maxilla  NEW!

    16. Complex Implant Restorative Therapy  NEW!

    17. Intraoral Bone Grafts for Dental Implants  NEW!

    18. The Use of Computerized Treatment Planning and a Customized Surgical Template to Achieve Optimal Implant Placement: An Introduction To Guided Implant Surgery  NEW!

    19. Teeth In A Day® and Teeth In An Hour™: Implant Protocols for Immediate Function and Esthetics  NEW!

    20. Extraction Immediate Implant Reconstruction. Single Tooth to Full Mouth

    21. Immediate Loading of Dental Implants  NEW!

    22. Management of Patients with Facial Disfigurement  NEW!

    23. Angle Implants: Development and Rationale for Use

    24. Implants for Children  NEW!

    25. Piezosurgery - Related to Implant Reconstruction  NEW!

    26. A New Concept of Tapered Dental Implants: Physiology, Engineering and Design  NEW!

    27. The All-On-4 Concept  NEW!

    28. Laboratory Procedures as They Pertain to Implant Reconstruction  NEW!

    29. Complications and Failures: Treatment and/or Prevention

    30. Hygiene and Soft Tissue Management, Two Perspectives - The Dental Hygienist and the Doctor


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