Dental Biomaterials

Imaging, Testing and Modelling

Edited by

  • R V Curtis
  • T F Watson, King's College London, UK

Dental Biomaterials: Imaging, Testing and Modelling reviews the materials used in this important area, their performance and how such performance can be measured and optimised. Chapters review optical and electron microscopy imaging techniques for dental biomaterial interfaces. Specific materials such as dental cements, fibre-reinforced composites, metals and alloys are discussed. There is an analysis of stresses, fracture, wear and ageing in dental biomaterials as well as an evaluation of the performance of dental adhesives and resin-dentin bonds. Chapters also review ways of assessing the performance of dental handpieces, crowns, implants and prosthesies. The book also reviews the use of computer models in such areas as bond strength and shape optimisation of dental restorations.

With its distinguished editors and team of experienced contributors DDental Biomaterials: Imaging, Testing and Modelling researchers, materials scientists, engineers and dental practitioners with an essential guide to the use and performance of dental biomaterials.
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Researchers; Materials scientists; Engineers; Dental practitioners


Book information

  • Published: March 2008
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-296-4

Table of Contents

Characterizing the performance of dental air-turbine handpieces; Optical imaging techniques for dental biomaterials interfaces; Electron microscopy for imaging interfaces in dental restorations; Dental adhesives and adhesive performance; Mechanical stability of resin-dentin bonds; Dental cements: Formulations and handling techniques; Mixed-methods approach to wear evaluation in posterior composite dental restorations; Shape optimisation of dental restorations; Fibre-reinforced composites for dental applications; Fracture mechanics characterisation of dental biomaterials; Modelling bond strength in dental biomaterials; Fracture and ageing of dentin; Finite element analysis of stresses in dental crowns; Testing the performance of dental implants; Superplastic forming of dental and maxillofacial prostheses; Dental investment materials for casting metals and alloys.