Delivery System Handbook for Personal Care and Cosmetic Products

Technology, Applications and Formulations

Edited by

  • Meyer Rosen, Interative Consulting, Inc., NY, USA


  • Meyer Rosen, Interative Consulting, Inc., NY, USA

Novel delivery systems designed to facilitate the use of 么fountain of youth枚 and other functional actives is an idea whose time has come. In a rapidly growing global market eager for products that really work, accelerating market pull forces and technology push have set the stage for this foundation text. This 么must have枚 book has been carefully designed for training, development and synergistic technology transfer across the personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It is not only intended for scientists and technologists but will also be of high interest to market development and business personnel. This book will cause a breakthrough in effective interaction among technology and marketing. It is a showcase for understanding, using and marketing the technology of why and how delivery systems work as well as current, emerging/potential applications and working formulations. Each chapter is written by one or more experts in the field. A wide range of companies serving the global marketplace are represented. These companies offer numerous types of delivery systems containing highly desirable functional actives, delivery system technology development services, and opportunities for technology licensing, mergers and acquisitions. A unique feature of the book is the use of Mind Map脰 technology to capture and present the essence of the thinking of over 80 authors in a 么Book-at-a-Glance枚 Executive Overview section. This section has been specifically designed to empower decision making leading to the development of innovative product differentiation in a global context.
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Scientists and technologists, and just as importantly, marketing and business people within the cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceutical and food industries.


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  • Published: September 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1504-3


This is one of the most ambitious projects in the publishing area...warmly recommended.... - Stig E. Friberg, Editor, Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 1. The Delivery System Movement Meyer R. Rosen (Interactive Consulting, Inc.) 2. Book-at-a-Glance Meyer R. Rosen (Interactive Consulting, Inc.) 2 Skin Fundamentals 3. Skin: Physiology and Penetration Pathways Bozena B. Michniak, Ph.D., Victor Meidan, Ph.D., Mohammad Al-Khalili, Ph.D. (UMDNJ - New Jersey Medical School) Philip W. Wertz, Ph.D. (University of Iowa) 4. Delivery System Design in Topically Applied Formulations: An Overview Nava Dayan, Ph.D. (Lipo Chemicals, Inc.) 5. From Ancient Potions to Modern Lotions: A Technology Overview and Introduction to Nano-Vehicles in Topical Delivery Systems Elishalom Yechiel, Ph.D. (Elsom Research Co., Inc.) Rosemarie Coste Yechiel (Scribionics) 3 Crossing the Barrier 6. Crossing the Lipid Barrier with the Echo-Derm脰 Delivery System (A Skin Mimicking, Lamellar Matrix System) David Pollock (Clinical Results, Inc.) 7. THP: An All Natural Delivery System Adjuvant Muhammed Majeed, Ph.D., Lakshmi Prakash, Ph.D. (Sabinsa Corporation) 4 Encapsulation 8. Microencapsulation: An Overview of the Landscape Zev Lidert (Paragon Chemicals, Inc.) 9. Microcapsules as a Delivery System Scott Hawkins, Geraldine Guyard, Stephen Greenberg, Nava Dayan, Mike Wolf (Lipo Technologies, Inc.) 10. Tagravit脰 Microcapsules as Controlled Drug Delivery Devices and their Formulations Emma Kvitnitsky, Natalia Lerner, Ph.D., Yury E. Shapiro, D.Sc. (Tagra Biotechnologies, Ltd.) 11. Polymeric Encapsulation. Phase Change Materials: A Novel Microencapsulation Technique for Personal Care Todd Elder, Ph.D., Andrew Bell, Dip. BA (Ciba Specialty Chemicals)12. Dual Action Microcapsules with Next Generation, Complex Polysaccharide-Based Designer MembranesMaurizio V. Cattaneo (IVREA Pharmaceuticals) 5 Liposomes 13. Liposomes in Personal Care Products Vitthal S. Kulkarni, Ph.D. (DPT Laboratories, Ltd.) 14. Interactive Vehicles in Synergistic Cosmeceuticals: Advances in Nano-Encapsulation, Translocation, Transfer and Targeting Elishalom Yechiel, Ph.D. (Elsom Research Co., Inc.) 6 Particles 15. Porous Entrapment Spheres as Delivery Vehicles Anthony Alsadi (Presperse, Inc.) 16. Polymeric Porous Delivery Systems: Polytrap脰 and Microsponge脰 Subhash J. Saxena (Cardinal Health - Topical Technologies) Sergio Nacht (Riley-Nacht, LLC) 17. Chronospheres: Controlled Topical Actives Release Technology James V. Gruber, Louis Punto, Peter Dow (Arch Personal Care) 18. Nanotopes: A Novel, Ultra-Small Unilamellar Carrier System for Cosmetic Actives Werner Baschong, Ph.D., Bernd Herzog, Christine Mendok, Sebastien Mongiat, Joe Lupia, Ph.D. (Ciba Specialty Chemicals) Carl W. Artmann, Pharm. D. (PhaCos Institute for Cosmetical & Clinical Testing) 19. Practical Application of Fractal Geometry For Generation of Ultra High Surface Area Personal Delivery Systems Michel S. Lefebvre, Ph.D. (Steripak Pty, Ltd.) 7 Emulsions 20. Optimizing Skin Delivery of Active Ingredients From Emulsions: From Theory to Practice Johann W. Wiechers, Ph.D. (Uniqema) 21. The Delivery System's Delivery System James M. Wilmott (Chanel, Inc.) Duncan T. Aust, Ph.D. (DPT Laboratories, Ltd.) Barbara Brockway, Ph.D. (Huntsman, LLC) Vitthal S. Kulkarni, Ph.D. (DPT Laboratories, Ltd.) 22. Preparation of Stable Double Emulsions as Delivery Vehicles for Consumer Care Products Mouhcine Kanouni, Ph.D. (Ciba Specialty Chemicals) Henri L. Rosano, Ph.D. (City College of New York) 8 Foams 23. Coascervate Foam Delivery Systems Manuel Gamez-Garcia, Ph.D. (Amerchol/Dow) 24. 么Soft Cell Approach to Personal Care枚: Hydrophilic, Active-Filled Polyurethane Delivery Systems James A. Smith, Betty Jagoda Murphy (ReGenesis, LLC) 9 Structured Systems 25. Sugar-Based, Structured Surfactant Systems Raeda M. Smadi, John Hawkins (Huntsman Performance Products) 26. Bigels - A Novel Alternative to Emulsion Delivery Systems Paula Lennon, Ph.D. (Gattefosse SA) 27. Shear Thinning Lamellar Gel Network Emulsions as Delivery Systems Irma Ryklin, Ph.D., Blaine Beyers, Ph.D. (Stepan Company) 28. Pro-Lipid Skin-Mimetic Lamellar Gel Carrier and Delivery Systems Mark E. Rerek, Ph.D. (International Specialty Products) 29. Intelligent Polymers and Self- Organizing Liposome Gel Delivery Systems Wolfgang Meier, Ph.D. (University of Basel) Joerg Schreiber (Beiersdorf AG) 30. Cubasomes and Self- Assembled, Bicontinuous, Cubic Liquid Crystalline Phases as Personal Care Delivery Systems Patrick D. Spicer, Ph.D., Matthew L. Lynch, Ph.D. (The Procter & Gamble Company) Steven B. Hoath, MD, Marty O. Visscher, Ph.D. (Childrens Medical Hospital, Univ. of Cincinnati) 31. Non- Aqueous Delivery Systems With Controlled Rheological Behavior Lin Lu Healy (Penreco)10 Silicones 32. Cationic Silicone Complexes as Delivery Systems Anthony J. O'Lenick, Jr. (Silitech, LLC) Charles W. Buffa (Biosil Technologies, Inc.) 33. ""Pro-Fragrant"" Silicone Delivery Polymers Robert J. Perry (GE Global Research Center) 34. Silicone Technology as Delivery Systems for Personal Care Ingredients Stephanie Postiaux, Catherine Stoller, Ph.D., Anne-Marie Vincent Joanna Newton, Ph.D. (Dow Corning Corporation) 35. Linear Silicone Fluid Delivery Systems With Controlled Volatility Features Dr. Arndt Schlosser, Dr. Claudius Schwarzwaelder, Hubert Yeboah, Julie Boucher (Wacker Chemical Corporation) 11 Starch-Based Systems 36. Starch Based Delivery Systems Susan O. Freers (Grain Processing Corporation) 37. Thixogel: Novel Topical Delivery Systems for Hydrophobic Plant Actives John J. Wille, Ph.D. (Bioderm Technologies, Inc.) 12 Activated Delivery Systems 38. Smart Vectorization: Enzymatically-Activated Encapsulation Technologies Janice Hart, Eric Perrier (Coletica, Inc.) 39. 么Thinking Outside the Jars & Bottles"": Simultaneous Delivery Systems for Unit Dose, Topical Delivery of Complimentary and/or Incompatible Actives James A. Smith, Betty Jagoda Murphy (ReGenesis, LLC) 13 Substrate Based Systems 40. Water-Soluble Adhesive Patch Delivery Systems for Personal Care Steve Kantner, Ph.D. (3M Company) 41. 么Dry & Deliver!枚: Substrate Based, Water-Activated, Anhydrous Delivery Systems James A. Smith, Betty Jagoda Murphy (ReGenesis, LLC) 14 Specific Ingredient Delivery 42. Retistar脰 for Cosmetic Formulations: Stabilized Retinol Axel Jentzsch (BASF Aktiengesellschaft) Patricia Aikins (BASF Corporation) 43. Controlled Delivery and Enhancement of Topical Activity of Salicylic Acid Paul Thau (PeCar Tech) 44. Controlled Delivery of Hydroxy Acids Barbara Green, R.Ph., M.S., David J. Milora (Neostrata Company, Inc.) 15 Efficacy & Safety 45. New & Emerging Testing Technology for Efficacy & Safety Evaluation of Personal Care Delivery Systems David Tonucci, Ph.D. (Interactive Consulting, Inc.) 16 Marketing by Design & Advertising Analysis 46. GraphiSenses: A New Methodology for Identifying Personal Care Opportunities Myriam Delvaux (Dow Corning Corporation) Glossary