Delivering E-Learning for Information Services in Higher Education book cover

Delivering E-Learning for Information Services in Higher Education

This book provides a comprehensive overview of e-learning (online learning) systems in the context of system delivery for Higher Education Information Services. The book considers practical issues in choosing a virtual learning environment and discusses a range of issues in implementing, managing and maintaining the service for users. In particular, the issue of accessibility and usability is discussed in the context of recent legislation (e.g. Disability Discrimination Act / SENDA.).

Paperback, 232 Pages

Published: December 2004

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-088-1


  • …well researched, presenting critical reviews and evaluations of current software and sites, a review of the professional literature in the field, and the results of Clyde's research on the subject., Education Libraries
    …a comprehensive guide for the novice and the technically challenged., Education Libraries


  • Introduction to e-learning; Virtual learning environments; Managing the virtual learning environment; Training and user support; Accessibility and legal issues; Other online learning tools; Quality assurance and monitoring; Conclusion.


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