Decision Making under Uncertainty book cover

Decision Making under Uncertainty

Cognitive Decision Research, Social Interaction, Development and Epistemology

This volume contains the revised papers of an international symposium on research on fallacies, biases, and the development of decision behavior under uncertainty. The papers are organized in five main sections.The Introduction outlines the conceptual framework and how three of the sections - Cognitive Decision Research, Social Interaction, and Development and Epistemology - are interrelated and also how new fields, such as research into developmental questions, can be productively integrated.In the fifth section Comments are collected, which evaluate the impact of the contributions on decision research itself, and also on cognitive psychology, social psychology, economic theory, ant the discipline of mathematics education.

Included in series
Advances in Psychology


Published: November 1983

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-86738-4


  • Preface. Introduction. Cognitive Decision Research. Contributors: M. Bar-Hillel, D. Berkeley, W.F. Bischof, K. Fiedler, B. Fischhoff, B. Gotein, M. Groner, R. Groner, P. Humphreys, H. Jungermann, Z. Shapira, T.S. Wallsten and A.C. Zimmer. Social Interaction. Contributors: G. Albers, W. Albers, H.W. Crott, T. May, U. Schulz, W.H. Tack and J.A. Zuber. Development and Epistemology. Contributors: G. Glaeser, G. van Harten, G. Pflug, R.W. Scholz, G. Schrage, J.M. Shaughnessy, H. Steinbring and M. Waller. Comments. Contributors: K. Borcherding, B. Fischhoff, R. Selten, H.-G. Steiner, M. Waller and A.C. Zimmer. Abstracts. Author Index.


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