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Decision-Making in Midwifery Practice

The book looks at a broad perspective of decision making and each chapter focuses on a specific aspect related to making crucial decisions. Following an initial introduction the book explores the concept of autonomy and the many factors that influence autonomous practise. The role of knowledge in decision making, using evidence to inform decisions, as well as different approaches to decision making are also examined - including the traditional or rational approach, decision analysis and the development of professional judgement. Dilemmas arise when decisions are made and therefore ethical decision making is an important component of this book. Management decisions may be different from those related to giving specific care to women, hence one chapter focuses on making management decisions. Emphasis is also placed on the role of the midwife in helping women make their own decisions, the role of reflection in enhancing the decisions midwives make and the support midwives can receive from their Supervisor of Midwives. Flowcharts explain and facilitate the decision-making process.

Paperback, 208 Pages

Published: April 2005

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07384-7


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    Introduction - Maureen D Raynor and Rosalind Bluff

    1. Autonomy and the Midwife - Jayne E Marshall

    2. The Role of Knowledge in Midwifery Decision Making - Jeanne Siddiqui

    3. Using the Evidence to Inform Decisions - Elizabeth R Cluett

    4 . Models of Decision Making - Heid Mok and Peggy A Stevens

    5. Processes and Challenges in Clinical Decision Making - Marianne Mead

    6. Developing Clinical Judgements - Dr Sally Marchant

    7. Making Ethical Decisions - Professor Shirley R Jones

    8. Making Management Decisions - Vicky Tinsley

    9. Helping Women to Make their Own Decisions - Pauline Cooke

    10. The Reflective Practitioner - Kathleen P Nakielski

    11. Supporting Decision Making through Supervision - Jean M Duerden

    12. Skilled Decision making: the blood supply of midwifery practice - Amanda Sullivan




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