Decision and Discrete Mathematics book cover

Decision and Discrete Mathematics

Maths for Decision-Making in Business and Industry

This text offers a complete coverage in the Decision Mathematics module, also known as Discrete Mathematics, of the syllabuses of English A-level examination boards. it is a rewritten and modern version of Decision Mathematics (published by Ellis Horwood Ltd in 1986 for The Spode Group, so well known for its development of innovative mathematics teaching). It is also a suitable text for foundation and first year undergraduate courses in qualitative studies or operational research, or for access courses for students needing strengthening in mathematics, or for students who are moving into mathematics from another subject discipline.

Compact and concise, it reflects the combined teaching skills and experience of its authors who know exactly what mathematics must be learnt at the readership level today. The text is built up in modular fashion, explaining concepts used in decision mathematics and related operational research, and electronics. It emphasises an understanding of techniques and algorithms, which it relates to real life situations and working problems that will apply throughout future working careers.

First year undergraduate students

Paperback, 264 Pages

Published: January 1996

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-898563-27-3


  • Explores key concepts and fundamental algorithms, and also relates decision mathematics to real-life situations for lower-division undergraduates and two-year technical program students., Choice
    Compact and precise, explains decision maths concepts, operational research, electronics. Clear explanations of algorithms, plentiful examples, diagrams, self study questions with answers, examination standard questions., Focus: Teachers in Business Education


  • Introduction to networks; Recursion; Shortest route; Dynamic Programming; Network flows; Critical path analysis; Linear programming: Graphical; Linear programming: Simplex method; The transportation problem; Matching and assignment problems; Game theory; Recurrence relations; Simulation; Iterative processes; Sorting and packing; Algorithms; Glossary; Answers.


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