Debugging Embedded Microprocessor Systems book cover

Debugging Embedded Microprocessor Systems

Debugging Embedded Microprocessor Systems provides techniques for engineers, technicians, and students who need to correct design faults in embedded systems. Using real-world scenarios, designers can learn practical, time-saving ways to avoid and repair potentially costly problems. Prevention is stressed.In this book, the author addresses hardware and software issues, including up-front design techniques to prevent bugs and contain design creep. Practical advice includes descriptions of common tools which can be used to help identify and repair bugs, as well as test routines. RTOS and embedded PC environments are also covered.Each chapter of Debugging Embedded Microprocessor Systems opens with an example design problem which illustrates real-world issues such as design changes, time pressures, equipment or component availability, etc. Case studies of past debugging projects are presented in the final chapter.

Embedded systems designers and technicians

Paperback, 256 Pages

Published: March 1998

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9990-7


  • Introduction * Tools for Debugging Embedded Systems * Adding Diagnostic Helps to the Target System * General Debugging Tips * Hardware Debug * Debugging the Software * Debugging the Interrupts * Debugging in an RTOS Environment * Debugging in an Embedded PC Environment * Debugging Scenarios from the Trenches * Appendix: Programmer Test Routines * Glossary * Index


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